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Implementation of Transporeon saves money, provides insight and reduces empty mileage


With its focus on extracting value from waste, Renewi aims to become the leading waste-to-product company. Formed by the merger of Shanks and Van Gansewinkel, the company is committed to reducing the incineration and dumping of waste. Currently it processes approximately 14 million tons of waste annually – some of which is recycled while other waste is suitable for energy production. In total, Renewi provides a new destination for 89% of its collected waste. The organization has 65 waste transfer points in the Benelux region and, by using Transporeon solutions and only a small number of employees located across the Netherlands and Belgium, Renewi is now processing an average of 650 transport orders per day.

The Shanks-Van Gansewinkel merger caused an enormous increase in volume, by as much as 50%. With the Transporeon cloud-based logistics platform, we have had the good fortune to make a major automation move. Using both ‘best carrier’ and ‘no-touch order’ transport assignment gives us the flexibility we need.  

Mark Meeuwissen, 4PL Coordinator


  • The merger caused a dramatic increase in the volume of waste to be processed – up by 50%.
  • Without increasing the headcount, Renewi needed to accelerate the automation of its Freight Exchange department, the part of the organization responsible for the movement of bulk cargo from loading to unloading locations.
  • Most orders were being placed manually using separate, adjustable fields. More uniformity was required. Professionalism and flexibility needed to go hand in hand.
  • Customers – both internal and external – were increasingly demanding status updates on their various orders and transports.
  • Suboptimal processes were identified in certain areas of the business; for example, ongoing loading at specific transfer locations and continuous offers to carriers.


  • Renewi expanded the Transporeon solution implemented in 2012 at Van Gansewinkel.
  • To ensure more automated processing of all transport-related activities, the company added a new central database for all outbound transport movements, along with new reporting functionalities.
  • Every internal and external customer now has real-time insights about transport movements and order status
  • ‘No-touch order’ assignment enables automatic allocation of transports based on parameters (such as fixed prices) without requiring the intervention of transport planners.
  • ‘Best carrier’ assignment takes into account existing freight supply and market data to automatically allocate transport orders on a day-to-day basis.
  • Roll-out initiated at the Shanks locations and subsequently at the Van Gansewinkel locations; both now offer examples of best practice.


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More transport orders can be processed by almost the same number of employees, thanks to automation.

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The Freight Exchange department can closely monitor individual transports and the entire transport network.

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Renewi can use data to substantiate carrier choices and to demonstrate the contribution of its Freight Exchange department.

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Transporeon carries out customer-specific changes on request. Future plans include integration of a new ERP system in this solution.