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Reinert Logistics

Transporeon carrier from the very beginning


REINERT Logistics GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1990 by René Reinert, who was 19 at the time, and now owns over 750 vehicles and employs 1,200 people at 9 locations. Among the customers of the company, which initially focused mainly on construction vehicles, are shippers such as Lafarge, Goodyear, Creaton, and many more. Today, REINERT handles over 4,000 transports per month via Transporeon. With the ‘best carrier’ transport order module, REINERT has succeeded in achieving more effective vehicle planning.

We've succeeded in optimizing our processes. Dispatchers now use their manpower more effectively and with interface solutions we have achieved a time advantage in dispatching. In our operations, our primary advantage is the use of time slot management by our customers. Our vehicle loading times are considerably reduced, enabling us to save costs.

René Reinert, CEO
REINERT Logistics


On occasions, dispatchers were overloaded with very time-consuming telephone order processing. Drivers were also unhappy about long waiting times at customer loading ramps. The company also wanted to make new business contacts and consolidate existing partnerships.

  • Large scope of work and time expenditure for dispatchers
  • Long waiting times for drivers during loading and unloading
  • Find new contacts and strengthen existing relationships


REINERT is a 'Transporeon carrier agent of the first hour' and has now been working with Transporeon for more than 10 years. With the Transporeon platform and automatic receipt of orders via an interface, the company has succeeded in no longer processing all orders via time-consuming telephone calls and annoying fax messages. Instead it now manages everything digitally. When shippers use the 'best carrier' transport order module, REINERT has been able to achieve more effective vehicle planning and a 13% reduction in empty kilometres, down by 72,800 km per month. REINERT has also secured existing fixed contracts via 'no-touch orders'.


Greater efficiency

Optimized planning, better vehicle utilization

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Improved workflows

Acceleration of scheduling processes

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Higher profitability

One more order per month on the same terms

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Resource conservation

Reduced empty runs by 13%; 72,800 km per month