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Mondi Group

Innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions


Innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions are the hallmark of the Mondi Group. This global packaging and paper organization employs around 25,400 people and has over 100 operations across more than 30 countries, mainly in central Europe, Russia, and South Africa. At its plant in Hungary, located 230 km east of Budapest, the group produces industrial bags used mainly in the building materials market. Mondi Bags Hungary ships these industrial open-mouth and valve bags, as well as small bags and shopping bags, to customers in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and the Ukraine at a rate of around 400 transports per month.

Thanks to Transporeon we can have more carriers in our pool. Transport prices are lower and now we do not have problems finding a carrier to deliver our goods. Also our daily communication has improved and the transfer of information is faster.

Miklós Papp, Logistics Manager
Mondi Bags Hungary


  • Time-consuming, labor-intensive manual assignment of transports by phone and email
  • Bottlenecks caused by uncoordinated truck arrival times and poor communication about loading schedules
  • No tools to measure and estimate loading time
  • Inadequate cost control as lacked transportation pricing data
  • Too few carriers – only one contracted carrier


To improve logistics processes in the end-to-end supply chain, Mondi Bags Hungary decided to partner with Transporeon, selecting the following solutions:

  • Transport assignment via no-touch orders: orders are sent automatically and directly to carriers based on pre-defined contractual terms
  • Transport assignment with best-carrier orders: automatically identifies the best offer for each order (typically a balance of price and performance) for non-contracted lanes
  • Time slot management: enables carriers to book digital time slots for loading or unloading, ensuring punctual truck arrival and swift turnaround


cost savings

Enlarging the carrier pool boosted competitive bidding and lowered transport prices. The customer is able to hold the prices at the same level despite the rising fuel price and the local road taxes

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time savings

The average loading time has been cut by 2,5 hours

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Mondi Bags Hungary enjoys transparent, accurate information about incoming goods and loading status

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carrier efficiencies

Carriers prefer faster, more transparent communication with improved punctuality