Lufthansa Cargo 

Since February 2021, an automation module developed by Transporeon  especially for Lufthansa Cargo AG has ensured even faster and more efficient  processing of the approximately 1,600 ad-hoc transports per month that the company carries by road within Europe in its airport-to-airport business. The selection of required carriers, the awarding of contracts and the processing are now largely automated. The air freight specialist thus achieves an automation rate of 95%. The foundation for this successful module launch was laid by 14 years of efficient use of the Transporeon platform. 



"Best Carrier" optimizes and automates transport assignments
at Lufthansa Cargo.

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Cost savings

Daily optimized freight rates on the spot market

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Better customer service

Automatic consideration of customer-specific requirements such as cooling,  excess widths, safety and delivery times

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Improved processing

4-5 short term offers at market prices for individual tours

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Time savings

Time savings in transport assignment and related activities such as updating in house systems

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Best price guarantee

Automatic selection according to defined parameters



Allocating our ADHOC transports via the Transporeon platform saves us time  and money. The new automation tool relieves our dispatching enormously. We  are glad that we have found such a reliable and competent partner in  Transporeon."

Alfred Stricker
Advisor / Referent Road Feeder Service

Lufthansa Cargo AG

With a turnover of 2.8 billion euros and 6.5 billion revenue tonne-kilometres in  2020, Lufthansa Cargo is one of the world's leading companies in the transport  of air freight. The company currently employs about 4,400 people worldwide.  Lufthansa Cargo focuses on the airport-to-airport business. The cargo carrier  serves around 300 destinations in more than 100 countries with its own fleet of  freighters, the belly capacity of passenger aircraft is operated by Lufthansa  German Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and SunExpress,  and an extensive road feeder service network. The bulk of the cargo business is  routed through Frankfurt Airport.

Lufthansa Cargo aligns its corporate responsibility commitment with the  sustainability goals of the United Nations (UN). Lufthansa Cargo has committed  itself to anchoring five selected sustainability goals in its corporate activities and  to making a substantial contribution to achieving these goals by 2030. Lufthansa  Cargo is a wholly owned Lufthansa subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and  Lufthansa Group’s logistics specialist.



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