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Kingspan realizes value of real-time visibility driven by fast on-boarding


Kingspan Group is a global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelopes for the new-build and refurbishment markets. The organisation is committed to sustainability and its solutions actively help customers tackle climate change.

One crucial way to ensure you are even more proactive with customers is by using the latest predictive real-time visibility technologies. Kingspan recognises how fast Transporeon and Sixfold are adapting to market needs and sees the value of utilising real-time visibility to improve operations and customer relations, helping to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Transporeon and Sixfold’s integrated services solution will play a central role in Kingspan meeting its goals of improved transparency over the delivery process, giving added-value to customers and improving the overall customer experience. We are also very excited to be part of the largest visibility-enabled network that Transporeon and Sixfold are creating!”

Jan Jacko, CEER Division Transport Manager
Kingspan Group


The Kingspan Group is always looking for opportunities to better serve its customers. It faced the challenge of transparency over its delivery process, as well as:

  • Carrier fragmentation: Kingspan’s carriers were not connected to one platform, making it harder to track all information as it was across multiple platforms.
  • Manual processes: Kingspan would make manual calls to drivers to check location and delivery status of shipments.
  • No live shipment data and predictive delivery schedules: it is difficult be proactive with delivery schedules to help customers improve their unloading and warehousing processes without having a full overview of operations.


Kingspan integrated the real-time visibility solution from Transporeon and Sixfold to gain full overview of its supply chains, connect all its carriers to one platform and enhance its reputation with customers. The Sixfold solution included:

  • Fast, automatic onboarding with no manual intervention from carriers
  • A well set up governance structure between Sixfold, Kingspan and Transporeon, which made it easy to simultaneously roll out in three countries
  • Increased tracking coverage of Kingspan's entire network for a complete overview of operations
  • Fully automated real-time transportation information and status updates which allowed Kingspan to provide its end customers with a tracking link of shipments, lowering the number of driver check calls
  • Access to tracking and analytical information on demand which allows Kingspan to use for communication with carriers, pulling reports when needed
  • A shared customer and user experience using one platform, enabling Kingspan to share real-time visibility data with customers, assign transports, as well as manage and allocate time slots



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Fast onboarding and adoption

200 carriers onboarded in phase one of the pilot. 59% carriers were onboarded in the first three days, 68% within seven days, and by two weeks 82% of Kingspan’s carriers were onboarded. 8,000 transports were tracked via the Sixfold platform in the first five months of the project. The aim is to track more than 50,000 transports in a year.

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High carrier compliance

Over 80% carrier compliance despite the fragmented carrier landscape. Further expansion of the service will see Kingspan connecting with more carriers with the same high level of carrier compliance.

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Successful management of subcontractors

Over 200 connected carriers, including a significant share of sub-carriers and more flexibility to collaborate with other carriers as they all use the same technology. The more carriers that are onboarded, the higher the coverage on subcontractors.

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Single-sign-on processes and workflows

Access to the largest visibility enabled network created by Transporean and Sixfold and benefiting from the partnership, including ease of access to log into and switch between Transporeon and Sixfold, such as single-sign-on (SSO) between Transporeon and Sixfold and the Sixfold tile on Transporeon web start page for easy access.