JLG Industries

More data and transparency in the tendering process for road transport


JLG Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of aerial work platforms. JLG's equipment comes in a wide range of sizes and types, from electric and hybrid powered aerial platforms to diesel powered aerial work platforms. In addition, JLG also supplies goods pickers, scissor lifts, telehandlers and used equipment. Sectors served by the company include the construction and energy sector, the entertainment industry and trade and retail.
From the start of the company in 1969, the company grew into a global player. It is now part of the publicly traded Oshkosh Corporation. The company has several production sites in Europe. The European logistics head office is located in Genk, Belgium.

Ticontract is very useful for the communication with our transport partners within the EMEA region. Contacting one or all of the carriers for a single lane or more is just a click away. In addition, it gives us an insight into which aspects a carrier should preferably adapt in order to obtain a certain lane.

Maarten Heylen, Logistics manager EMEAIR
JLG Industries


The growth of JLG and the desire to have more control over the tender process led to the implementation of Ticontact at the manufacturer. Previously, JLG outsourced this process.

  • Because the tender process was largely outsourced to an external party, it was difficult to get a clear view of the data. Carriers were selected primarily on the basis of price and insufficiently on the basis of quality and good relations.
  • JLG wanted to automate more actions in the tender process and use additional analysis options.
  • Finally, the supplier wanted to get in touch with unknown carriers.


The roll-out of Ticontract is not a choice for the unknown. JLG has already worked with the tender platform in the past. The decision to outsource the tender process to an external party made it all the more clear what value Ticontact had when outsourcing road transport. Of course, Ticontract today offers JLG more options than in the past. JLG set up its own European Control Tower, which offered the opportunity to use a number of new shipping lanes. By concentrating the coordination of various lanes in Genk, opportunities for centralising rates were also created.


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The exchange of TMS and Ticontract data gives JLG more options for benchmarking new and existing transport partners. The aim of this is, among other things, to challenge partners and to gain insight into where transport can be done cheaper or better.

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cost savings

Lower freight costs by assigning individual carrier orders on a day-by-day basis

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Ticontract is available in all languages required for JLG, both spoken and written. Setting up a schedule per country was easy. This manual processing previously took much more time.

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Ticontract has been adjusted where necessary at the request of JLG. The support was satisfactory and Ticontract even made additional suggestions, which increased the load factor of various transports.