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Intersig NV

Intersig achieves seamless exchange of information


Since 1983, Intersig NV has proved itself to be a reliable partner in the steel industry. Part of the Van Merksteijn-Intersig Group, the company specializes in the production of construction items such as steel wire, rollers, bars, nets, structural beams, spacers, and wall reinforcement products. With manufacturing plants in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, Intersig requires excellence in transportation and logistics to deliver this range of high-quality products to its customers – including large contractors, concrete plants, bending power stations, and steel dealers – throughout Europe and around the world.

We have started optimizing our transport allocation. The great advantage of a seamless exchange of information using the Transporeon platform is that we only have one version of the truth and this is visible to all parties.

Thomas Truyens, Change Manager


  • Too much time spent on telephone calls with carriers
  • Wanted to reduce the number of transactions per transport order
  • Complex collaboration as the carrier pool includes a wide variety of companies
  • Essential to achieve integration and data exchange with the existing ERP system


Intersig selected one of the Transporeon Transport Assignment modules: no-touch orders

  • Freight orders can be sent automatically to carriers, selected according to predefined criteria
  • Planners can make better choices when awarding each contract, based on the best combination of price and reliability
  • Intersig retains control, deciding when to allow processes to run via the Transporeon platform
  • All parties are able to access relevant transport-related information
  • The solution integrates proof of delivery, issue of waybills, a self-billing solution, and the existing ERP system


process automation

Achieves end-to-end automation, from posting an order to confirming the carrier. If the selected carrier refuses the transport, another is automatically selected.

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flexible & expandable

Fully flexible configuration with a modular design that allows for future extension of digital capabilities.

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less admin work

The solution has reduced admin work. With future expansion, this benefit will be shared with all parts of the Intersig organization.

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easier collaboration

Ensures more efficient communication and easier collaboration with the established carrier pool. Everyone shares the same information.