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CPR System

Ecology and savings - Green Logistics by CPR System and Mercareon


CPR System is a supply chain organisation that produces, moves and recycles plastic packaging with folding sides and pallets. It includes more than 1,000 companies that cover the entire cycle of production, transport and distribution of fruit and vegetables. CPR System is a unique system in Europe that offers its members a real saving of 40% compared to other recyclable plastic packaging and guarantees environmental savings. Advantages are a zero solid waste input into the environment and rationalisation of distribution logistics. In 2017 it exceeded 55.7 million euros in turnover. Starting from 2015 it uses the Mercareon platform to organize the arrivals and departures of vehicles in the three main warehouses in Italy located in Casei Gerola (PV), Gallo (FE) and Lastra a Signa (FI).

We decided to choose Mercareon for the speed and simplicity of implementation and integration into our Distribution Centers, because the platform is easy to use also by the carriers and the continuous and guaranteed assistance even after the launch phase of the project.

Enrico Frigo, Operation Manager
CPR System 


  • Prevent the concentration of loading and unloading activities during the central hours of the day
  • Reduce peak times with simultaneous presence of multiple trucks
  • Evenly distribute the workload of the loading teams avoiding overloading on the one hand and underemployment on the other hand


CPR System has faced the mentioned challenges by introducing the MERCAREON platform. The time slot management system optimizes incoming flows and reduces waiting times for trucks. It allows a better management of internal resources and activities meanwhile increasing the efficiency of suppliers and carriers.


Evenly distributed truck arrivals

Loading and unloading operations are spread throughout the day, with an average of 7 operations at the same time.

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Reduction of waiting times

Reduced waiting times at the warehouses for the 70/80 vehicles arriving every day.

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More efficiency and less costs

Reduced warehouse costs through more efficient and rational use of resources.

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Best possible service

Improved service level and possibility to handle last-minute exceptions.