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Heavy products – light logistics


The Waelzholz Group is an international manufacturer of cold-rolled and tempered steel strips and profiles headquartered in Hagen in the north-western part of Germany. As a technology leader, the Waelzholz Group produces about 780,000 tons of high-quality cold-rolled steel strips and profiles per year with 2,400 employees at thirteen production sites in Europe, North and South America and Asia. With an extremely wide range of steel materials, Waelzholz offers innovative solutions for customers in the automotive, energy and capital goods sectors. Key values for this independent family-owned company include a future-oriented corporate structure and sustainable growth.

Like most large shippers, we found that relatively little went on in the mornings. In the afternoons we suddenly had up to 20 trucks per hour and there were considerable delays. With the platform, we were able to reduce truck waiting times substantially, because what is most important to us is punctual delivery and thus better customer service.

Dr. Ernst-Martin vom Bovert, Head of Logistics


  • Uncontrolled arrival of trucks at the loading bays in very wide-ranging storage facilities
  • Carrier waiting times of up to 8 hours, resulting in demurrage charges and transport rejections
  • This caused the delayed arrival of goods at Waelzholz customer sites and complaints that delivery dates were not being met
  • Customers prefer just-in-time delivery to avoid filling up their own storage space; rolled and cut steel is shipped in large coils with a diameter of up to 180 cm and weighing up to 12 tons. Customers therefore want to store as few coils as possible and instead demand "just in time" deliveries
  • Truck coordination was complex – depending on the goods to be loaded, on arrival each truck must be guided to the right loading point: coil hall, loading hall, export hall or container hall



To improve operations at the loading stations, Waelzholz implemented Transporeon Time Slot Management and Transport Assignment with ‘no-touch’ orders in April 2010.

  • With the No-touch Order transport assignment, carriers receive orders directly from Waelzholz on the Transporeon platform on the basis of prearranged fixed contracts. Each order is created in the ERP system and transferred with one click to the Transporeon platform, where the carrier can view it.
  • The dock scheduling system displays an online timetable for each loading point. Carriers use this to book a suitable time slot. To coordinate the four different loading bays, Transporeon set up four groups and each shipment is automatically assigned to one of these groups, obligating carriers to book time slots at the right loading point.


Shorter waiting times

Waiting times for incoming trucks more than halved; loading times significantly shortened by pre-picking shipments

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Cost savings

By significantly reducing waiting times, demurrage claims and charges are largely avoided

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More partner cooperation

Strong acceptance by self- collectors and carriers; high adherence to delivery dates and punctuality

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Competitive edge

Processes are much more transparent and efficient; on-time deliveries mean that customers are able to shrink inventory