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Improving efficiency in transport logistics


Distributing famous skincare brands like NIVEA and Eucerin around the world requires excellence in logistics processes and transportation. Beiersdorf has been caring about skin for more than 130 years, building trust by staying close to consumers and developing products tailored to their needs. Pursuing a strategy of sustainable and profitable growth, increasingly in emerging markets, Beiersdorf has over 150 affiliates and more than 17,600 employees. It operates production facilities throughout the world, along with regional research laboratories in Mexico, Germany, India, and China. With its international headquarter in Hamburg, Germany, Beiersdorf sought logistics solutions back in 2012 from the closely located Transporeon Group.

Thanks to Transporeon, we have been able to create transparency for our entire network, bringing the previously overwhelming volume of emails under control and rationalizing our flow of goods.

Oliver Krause, Global Category Manager Logistics Services


  • A shortage of warehouse capacity at centers of production required just-in-time deliveries and a rapid and punctual flow of goods
  • There was a lack of data transparency due to inadequate links between the people involved in the logistics process
  • Because of lengthy lines of communication, there were delays in transport assignment and limited transport availability
  • Order processing was undertaken by phone, fax and email, and was prone to human error


After detailed analysis of the current state, Transporeon implemented a digitization program to improve shipment execution, goods dispatch, and logistics communication.

  •  No-touch order process – can quickly request and confirm transportation bids from a pool of carriers; fully automated process; orders awarded on the basis of pre-set criteria (e.g., lowest price, highest capacity or a combination); better carrier relationships; carriers quickly accept or reject orders with a mouse click
  • Time slot management system – enables smooth flow of goods to correct loading points;  allocates available time slots for pick up; carriers know when to send trucks; spend less time waiting to receive loads; all parties can access the electronic schedule in real time
  • Enhanced transport visibility with end-to-end media continuity; track shipment status; delays reported quickly; immediate action taken; monitoring simplified


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Significantly improves efficiency in transport assignment


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Thanks to fast and direct information


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Reduces error rate by eliminating media discontinuity


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Digitization simplifies carrier planning, ensuring punctuality and cutting waiting times by 30%