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Improved onsite safety and streamlined warehouse operations


Aperam is a global player in stainless steel and a leading producer of high value-added specialty products.The organization has production facilities in Brazil, Belgium and France, along with a highly integrated network of service centers, transformation facilities, and sales offices in Brazil and across Europe. At its 15,000 sqm facility in southern Poland, Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions provides a full range of flat stainless steel products. Seeking to improve onsite safety, particularly during truck loading and unloading, and to better organize and streamline warehouse operations, the company decided to implement a cloud-based Transporeon solution for its site in Poland in Siemianowice Śląskie.

It was crucial to increase safety levels and improve efficiency. With a lot of trucks on site, we had long lines and frequent dangerous incidents. Working with Transporeon, we have systematized and optimized our loading, unloading, and warehouse operations.

Julia Hypiak, Logistics Specialist 


  • Improve safety during loading and unloading
  • Organize and streamline warehouse operations
  • Save time and boost productivity
  • Optimize transport and logistics costs


Aperam in Poland decided to digitize two key logistics processes – the assignment of transport orders and the management of truck time slots. Successful carriers receive new orders online and then simply book their preferred time slots for loading or unloading.

  • Transport Assignment – no need to manually enter orders; it takes just a few mouse clicks to rapidly identify the right carrier and allocate transports
  • Time Slot Management – easy-to-use online scheduler enabling trucks to arrive and depart punctually; this reduces onsite traffic and improves warehouse workflows


better safety levels
Avoids onsite traffic congestion, minimizing the risk of accidents

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lower transport costs
Allows easy comparison of offers and prices to achieve significant cost reductions

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faster loading
Reduces the time required for loading and unloading

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more carriers
Provides access to new carriers, with easy verification of quality and price criteria