€5.011 MILLION

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Globalization with a single tool


ACERINOX is one of the most competitive companies in the world in the manufacture and sale of stainless steel. It is a leader on two continents, present on all five of them and with factories on four continents. It also has an extensive commercial network, with presence in 56 countries, 18 service centers, 26 warehouses, and 35 commercial offices. Since its constitution, it has been carrying out a continuous program of investments, developing its own technological innovations that, in some cases, have represented a true milestone in the technology of stainless steel manufacturing. Group turnover was €5,011 million and melted production was 2.44 million tons in 2018. ACERINOX has achieved its best results in the last 10 years.

We couldn't cope with the increased volumes of cargo and transportation. The team was 100% occupied only with transport allocation and load consolidation for the Algeciras plant, and it was impossible to manage the other plants. With Transporeon we have automated some of the processes, and this allows us to take on more volume.”

Manuel Morencos, Miguel Angel González , Santiago Criado Department of Operational and Logistics, ACERINOX


Globalize everything in one tool

  • Implement the same solution in all plants
  • Manage increased cargo volumes from the same cargo and dispatch department for all ACERINOX plants in Spain
  • Obtain an effective tool to control and track assigned transport processes
  • Enable versatility – a tool that can be customized according to the specific needs of each center


ACERINOX opted for a Transporeon solution in order to manage increased cargo volumes at the Algeciras plant and to implement the same solution at its other plants. This decision provided the transparency required by ACERINOX standards, particularly being able to follow up transports and connect with the factories in Europe that receive its products. The company uses digital tools for transport allocation, inbound radar, time slot management, automatic pricing, reporting, and more.

  • ‘Best carrier’ allows ACERINOX to offer transport orders to its carrier pool in order to find the most suitable service provider for an urgent transport or low-volume lane.
  • ‘No-touch order’ ensures automatic assignment of orders, choosing the most suitable carrier based on predefined criteria.
  • Time slot management allows carriers to choose preferred loading/unloading times; it also helps to optimize equipment and human resources at the loading bays.
  • Shipment tracking allows for a more transparent shipping process; status messages enable ACERINOX to efficiently track all shipments from pick up to delivery.


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Improved communication

ACERINOX factories receive all information in real time; they know which goods will arrive and at what time

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Process agility

With automated processes, the same personnel can manage higher cargo volumes.

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Visibility & transparency

Clear and complete information on all transport assignment processes.

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Resource optimization

Personnel dedicated to these tasks can optimize their time thanks to process automation and easy access to prices, reports, and more…all in the same tool.