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Optimizing transport management to improve customer service


Acciaierie Bertoli Safau (ABS) is one of the three main players in Europe’s specialty steel markets. Founded in 1988 from the merger of two steelworks – Safau and Officine Bertoli, with roots reaching back more than 200 years – ABS offers a wealth of industry experience. As a division of the Danieli Group, the company shares many of the characteristics of this global leader in plant construction for the steel industry, particularly an extraordinary spirit of innovation enabled by technology. ABS is committed to continuous research and development of processes and products to meet growing customer demand for highest quality, customized solutions.

With Transporeon systems, we have seen significant improvements. Load delays are now a small percentage and dock scheduling has allowed us to more effectively absorb peak shipments, improving customer service. We have significantly increased the number of carriers under contract by providing more flexibility and more timely control of shipment status. 

Mirta Fior, Director of Logistics and Programming


ABS hoped to speed up transport allocation and improve loading bay processes, particularly at peak times. The company also wanted shipment visibility and more control over carriers, with the aim of expanding the carrier pool.

  • Simplify the bidding and assignment process: one tool to publish transports to all carriers, receive bids, and confirm orders
  • Avoid congestion at site entrance; minimize dock waiting times and delays; optimize resources in the loading bays; reducing loading times
  • Obtain delivery status information during each customer shipment
  • Monitor carrier performance – speed of response to orders, on-time delivery, service levels, and more – and increase the carrier pool


To tackle these challenges, ABS selected Transporeon software-as-a-service solutions on the Transporeon platform:

  • Transport Assignment using ‘best carrier’ allocation: ABS leverages the spot market to match capacity and demand in real time on a day-by-day basis
  • Transport Assignment using ‘no-touch’ orders: fully automatic assignment of transport orders to carriers based on pre-set criteria such as freight rate, quality and/or carrier performance history
  • Time Slot Management: for efficient management of loading bays; this solution is now also being used to manage unloading of incoming raw materials
  • Transport Visibility: allows ABS to track the progress of each shipment to the point of delivery



Vehicles spend less time in loading bays; constant flow, no stopping; more efficient loading; load sequence program available in advance

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Every shipment can now be tracked in the system, all the way to safe arrival at the customer’s destination

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Detailed data managed on the platform for every transport – time, cost, service levels, and other variables – enables accurate assessment of carrier performance

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More flexible evaluation of cost/service; cost reductions by route type; more competitive bids due to the increase in carrier pool size and diversity