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The dynamics of the freight market change constantly. During the last years the balance between supply and demand has shifted constantly and while it is vital for shippers and carriers to stay on top of the market, high quality data is scarce. As a result companies have to rely on gut-feeling.

Often, high-level aggregation of market data is sufficient to follow the general development of the market. But there are situations where more granular data is needed. Specifically, when it's the tender season, it is important to have data about specific market prices to give you an accurate picture of your specific lanes. This will serve as a basis for arguments about the prices that are to be negotiated. 

What all players – be it sourcing professionals working with a shipper or transportation professionals working for carriers and LSPs – urgently need, is accurate data, accurate down to the level of a postal code.

Rate Benchmark within the Market Insights product gives Transporeon customers granular and exact data to inform their sourcing decisions and minimize market risks.

Key Features of Rate Benchmark

Rate Benchmark:

Benchmark your contract rates across your network on a postal code level. Rate Benchmark gives your accurate contract rates for all European lanes for FTL road transports with ambient standard equipment. You can simply upload your own rates and use the feature to drive informed sourcing decisions in your company.

Contract Rate on Demand:

Get precise contract rates on a postal code level for any lane. With contract rate-on-demand, you can generate an instant benchmark for every European lane. The feature supports bulk download of rates via Excel, so you can analyse larger networks without having to upload your own rates.

Key benefits

  • Always get the right price

Finding the right contract / spot mix is difficult. But there is a solution: support your decisions with accurate data. With the help of Market Insights and Rate Benchmark, you have the information on your hand to make the right decisions.

  • Minimize market risks

Identify risks in your own network by monitoring rates that are too one-sided and therefore pose a risk because your transportation partners might challenge them. You can also find opportunities by seeing market moves that are beneficial for you.

  • Get the most reliable data

With over 100,000 shipments managed through our platform daily, we provide reliable pricing data on all major European lanes.

  • Drive informed tenders

By constantly monitoring the market, you’ll know when to renegotiate existing contracts or adjust rates during tender seasons. Shippers as well as carriers profit from the data by moving from emotional decision making to data-based sourcing strategies.

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More ways to understand the market

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Insights Hub

Market Insights

Market Insights
  • Monitor the contractually agreed rates between shippers, logistic service providers, and the spot market.
  • Use important "indirect" indicators to illustrate the capacity situation on any given lane or market.
  • Define the lanes and metrics that you want to monitor.
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Insights Hub

Network Insights

Network Insights
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Transport Execution Hub

No-Touch Order

No-Touch Order
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Strategic Benchmarking
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  • Get the most comprehensive overview of all markets and for all modes.
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  • Get a deeper understanding of rate developments & costs drivers.
  • Receive regular information with market overviews, developments, cost drivers.

Transport Execution Hub

Best Carrier

Best Carrier
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  • React quickly to market fluctuations.
  • Improve process efficiency with better integrations.
  • Cloud-based system provides real-time transparency.