Introducing Freight Marketplace: Seamless Logistics Procurement


In the massive undertaking of logistics, aligning capacity and securing fair agreements often feels like it’s a 1000-piece puzzle where all the pieces are the same colour. It should be straightforward to find the partner and strike fair agreements, to create a seamless dance between buyers and sellers in logistics. Yet, in reality, it's far from easy. Imagine a world where this complexity transforms into simplicity, where finding the right counterpart in logistics is quick and easy.

Consider the stock exchange, a deal-making infrastructure that has evolved over decades. Here, buyers and sellers converge, and fair agreements are not just the norm but an expectation. This finely tuned system wasn't built overnight; it matured through years of development, catering to both sides equally. We drew our inspiration from this, and envisioned a similar infrastructure tailored explicitly for logistics services — a neutral gateway where buyers (shippers) and sellers (carriers) meet on equal footing.

Freight Marketplace is born from this vision — a groundbreaking solution designed to transform logistics procurement. It's not just a platform; it's a neutral ground where both buyers and sellers find the right price and the right partner to work with. It's a deal-making infrastructure built from scratch, designed to serve both parties equally.

Crafting a Marketplace for All

Our motivation was to create a space where logistics procurement is not just efficient but also fair. In the logistics industry, where complexities often dictate the terms, a neutral platform is important. The goal is to facilitate a seamless, transparent, and equitable environment for both buyers and sellers.

A platform like this requires foresight, innovation and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by both buyers and sellers. We recognise the fragmentation of the logistics market, we see the lack of transparency, and we are aware of the inefficiencies that hinder smooth negotiations. 

Freight Marketplace is an answer to these challenges — an infrastructure that aligns with the principles of fairness and equality. It's not just a transactional space; it's a collaborative hub where both sides come together to discover opportunities, build meaningful partnerships, and navigate the complexities of logistics.

A Neutral Gateway for Buyers and Sellers Alike

Much like the stock exchange's neutral stance in facilitating transactions, Freight Marketplace acts as a neutral gateway for buyers and sellers. It's not biased towards one party but, instead, is designed to empower both. It provides a central hub where the focus is on collaboration, transparency and efficiency.

The aim is clear — to create a platform that catalyses fair agreements. When buyers and sellers meet on equal terms, negotiations become a collaborative effort. Transparency becomes inherent, and trust is built naturally. This neutrality is the cornerstone of Freight Marketplace, distinguishing it from conventional procurement tools and open freight exchange platforms.

Built with a User-centric approach

We developed Freight Marketplace with our users in mind, right from the beginning. Product councils with members from various backgrounds – including product managers, developers, sales, and customers from both the buyer and seller side – provided invaluable feedback during the early stages. Their insights, especially from the customer side, helped shape the product, ensuring that we addressed their specific pain points.

Your gateway to more efficient logistics procurement

So, what does Freight Marketplace do exactly? It's not just another tool or freight exchange platform; it's your gateway to efficient logistics procurement, and here's how it works:

The Marketplace is your central hub to connect with the right partners based on your unique needs and requirements. No more barriers that traditionally hindered collaboration. Whether you're a carrier or shipper, it streamlines your journey to discover new opportunities and forge strong partnerships.

We've harnessed the power of data to optimise and automate key aspects of procurement. Advanced algorithms ensure that your negotiation processes are smoother and more data-driven. You can compare offers with market rates, evaluate performance metrics and make informed decisions.

The Freight Marketplace tackles one of the significant challenges in logistics procurement: lack of transparency. Comprehensive profiles for logistics providers allow them to showcase their services, fleet data, and performance metrics. We’ve made it easy to find the right partners who match specific requirements.

Freight Marketplace also addressed Sustainability: In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, the Marketplace is a step ahead. It incorporates emissions considerations into your decision-making process. For buyers, you can prioritise low-emission options. For sellers, it's an opportunity to showcase efforts in reducing emissions.

Ready to Dive In?

We're here to support your journey. Have questions or need assistance? Contact us anytime. Start exploring Freight Marketplace today, and step into a world of smoother procurement and new opportunities.

Highlights from our Q & A

  • Is Freight Marketplace a freight exchange platform?

Freight Marketplace is not a Freight Exchange platform. It is a neutral ground for both shippers and carriers alike. It focuses on contracted business, particularly mini-bids for specific lanes. Freight Exchange platforms typically focus on immediate spot business. There are limitations in relationship building and they often face challenges in ensuring supplier quality and reliability. 

  • What are Mini Bids / Tenders?

Mini Bids or Mini Tenders are focused procurement events within Freight Marketplace, where businesses can contract transport services for a specific lane with a defined volume and time frame, typically spanning one to three months. This agile approach allows for quick and efficient negotiations, optimising logistics operations for both shippers and carriers.

Discover Freight Marketplace


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