Autonomous Quotation: Automating the truckload quotation process


The freight forwarding industry has undergone a fundamental shift in recent years. With the rise of e-commerce and globalisation, shippers are demanding faster and more reliable shipping options. In response to this, freight brokers and logistics service providers are under pressure to deliver instant and accurate pricing to their customers.

Additionally, more and more shipments are being handled through the spot market because the prices agreed upon in contracts aren’t always favourable for everyone involved. This means both carriers and shippers will be at a disadvantage unless they start asking for spot market prices. However, this also shows that we need to get better at negotiating spot deals. So, the cost of dealing with agreed-upon shipments needs to be the same as or higher than the cost of working out a deal for spot shipments.

Our Autonomous Quotation solution is backed by Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms, which allows brokers and LSPs to predict spot market rates with precision and adapt quickly to market changes. Account managers can customise business rules and use price predictions as a baseline to optimise their top and bottom line. Plus, our real-time win/loss feedback loop further enhances the accuracy of the predictions.

Synchronising with Autonomous Procurement

Our product works with Autonomous Procurement because of its rapidly expanding environment, handling over 120,000 orders monthly, with constant growth. The key factor is the “Autonomous” aspect. Our goal is to provide efficient, accurate instant quotes, which necessitate high-quality pricing and data. The Autonomous Procurement environment excels in maintaining these high standards, making it an ideal environment for our journey with Autonomous Quotation.

Win More Loads 

Win more business with our machine learning logic that combines the most up-to-date market trends with your individual margin expectations. By leveraging this powerful combination, our solution ensures your quotes are competitive and perfectly aligned with today’s dynamic market conditions. Stay ahead of your competition and increase your chances of securing more business that is suited to your needs.

More Quotes with Less Effort 

Autonomous Quotation eliminates the tedious manual research and negotiation process associated with quoting. Give your account managers more time to spend on higher-value activity and nurturing important relationships while comprehensive quotes are generated automatically.

Tailored to your business rules and criteria 

Every freight business is unique. That is why our solution allows you to define your own business rules and criteria. From margin requirements and equipment types to pick-up and delivery windows and stop locations, you have full control over the parameters that govern your quote generation process. Customisation ensures that your quotes align perfectly with your business objectives.

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