The Road to Net Zero: Industry Leader Talks

How is the logistics industry preparing to meet the European Union’s goal to be climate neutral by 2050?

Watch a series of talks with industry leaders who share their experience and their opinions on how players from across the supply chain can come together to meet this ambitious goal. 





Financing Change with Road Freight Zero

Transforming an entire economy is an ambitious — and expensive — undertaking. But the cost of doing nothing is much greater. 


Angie Farrag-Thibault
Project Lead, Clean Trucking, World Economic Forum


From Intermodality to Synchromodality

P&G is finding creative ways to make logistics more sustainable, from product design to collaborative partnerships. 


Pietro d’Arpa
Vice President Supply Chain - Europe Logistics & End to End Strategic Planning , Procter & Gamble 


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The Road to Net Zero

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