Navigate spot market freight dynamics with spot RFQ e-sourcing

Effectively perform transactional freight bids with Ticontract Spot Bidding

While contract freight offers the benefit of set, year-long pricing and guaranteed capacity, there are times that spot market freight can help shippers meet demand or move on low-volume lanes, or even take advantage of favorable market conditions. Sourcing carriers to obtain spot freight quotes, however, can be exhausting. Ticontract Spot Bidding broadens your logistics strategy by helping you capitalize on transactional transportation movements on the spot market. With all the functionality of our leading e-sourcing platform in a streamlined version, Ticontract Spot Bidding helps you find the right service provider quickly and cost-effectively to easily determine the best market price for your freight.

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Advantages of Ticontract Spot Bidding

Achieve optimum freight rates

Receive more offers and increase the frequency of your bids.

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Reduce administrative effort and costs

Create and execute spot bids with minimal effort.

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Maximize market transparency

Easily find the right supplier by using the service provider search and creating individual groups.

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Keep your bid process compliant

100% transparent and documented digital bid process.

How spot freight awards work with Ticontract Spot Bidding

Freight assignment with just one click

Transparent bid evaluation. Assignment and rejection function via mouse click.

Quick-edit mask

Recurring freight RFQs can be created in a single step and published again and again.

Template-based creation

Create spot bids in just 60 seconds. Reduce effort and costs.

Individual and group communication

Communicate online without losing time, either with a specific bidder or a group of logistics service providers.

Logbook, documentation and evaluations

All actions are documented with a time stamp. Comprehensive reporting and export functions.

Individual bidder pool

Define and expand your pool of suppliers through the search function and by using the Request for Information (RFI) prequalification tool.

The greatest freight bid challenges

  • Relationships without rate agreements

  • Time pressure

  • Price volatility

  • Market transparency and reach


Contract rate agreements aren’t feasible for new or infrequently used carriers or lanes, projects with new customers or special shipments.

Shipments must be assigned immediately for replacements, delays in production or single-unit production.

Freight market pricing is complex with dynamic factors such as available capacity and demand that are difficult to gauge without going out to bid in order to obtain and compare a sufficient number of offers.

Special requirements and limited connections to carriers make the capacity search more difficult. Inquiries to carriers that don’t have available capacity are wasted.

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Infographic: How to create a spot RFQ in just 60 seconds

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