Transform your transportation network with automated shipment execution

Transporeon Shipment Execution provides complete end-to-end visibility by simplifying complicated carrier connections

In a world where real-time demands from end customers continue to grow, the lack of integration between freight logistics software and external service provider systems is cited as one of the biggest challenges in transportation management. Transporeon is a global collaborative shipment execution platform purpose-built for supply chain communication and efficient, scalable freight assignment. By bringing relevant, otherwise unattainable logistics-specific information into your transportation management process, Transporeon enhances the way you and your partners communicate.

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Benefits of digital shipment execution

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Automate shipment execution processes

Digitally transmit routing and assignment data to your carriers using a collaborative, efficient approach to load tendering that reduces internal process and freight costs.

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Retain operational control with control-tower visibility

Centralize your logistics management with real-time access to crucial shipment data for optimized and highly effective decision-making.

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Increase access to carrier capacity

Enable a true partnership with your carriers by facilitating efficient shipment planning and two-way communication, and gain access to a specialized carrier network.

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Lower operational costs and effort

Fully connect your carriers through our web portal, web services, API or EDI integrated directly into your TMS environment—with complete carrier onboarding included

How automated shipment execution with Transporeon works

Retain compliance with fully documented assignment

All actions are documented with time stamps, and includes comprehensive reporting and export functions.

Optimize costs on the spot market

Take advantage of falling rates by requesting spot bids within your closed group of carriers through “Best Carrier.”

Hassle-free data exchange

Integration between your in-house system and the Transporeon cloud logistics platform ensures data quality and minimizes processing errors.

Automatic cost control

With “No-Touch Order” fully automated shipment execution, you can assign shipments to your carriers automatically at contracted rates, eliminating telephone or fax communication.

Global availability

Worldwide access to your freight data for both you and your carriers through the Transporeon cloud logistics platform.

Assign shipments automatically

Shipments are assigned automatically based on predefined guidelines, reducing manual coordination efforts by telephone, fax or email.

Two options for assigning your shipments




Find available capacity and leverage spot-market cost advantages with “Best Carrier.” Shippers request bids from all or a selection of their connected carrier pool. Carriers with free capacity can make offers, which the shipper can then select or reject. Best Carrier works to ensure market transparency and cover needed available capacity quickly and reliably.

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Efficiently assign shipments to a specific carrier using fully automated shipment execution. Carrier data is taken directly from the in-house system or otherwise determined based on pre-defined criteria. The carrier has the option to accept or reject the assigned shipments, depending on the applicable agreement. If a carrier does not react by the confirmation deadline stored in the system, the shipment assignment can then be processed further through an automatic carrier search feature.

Our video shows you how automated shipment execution works!

Assign shipments digitally, save on freight costs and create transparency through collaboration with your carrier network. Our solutions for automated shipment execution help you optimize your logistics processes and assign shipments to the ideal partner with the best terms by simply pressing a button, without any manual effort.

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Challenges of efficient shipment execution

No central system of record

Different regional transportation management systems at different locations makes it difficult to effectively control shipment execution.

Time-consuming shipment execution

Manual assignment by telephone, fax or email between shippers and carriers is time-consuming and expensive.

Opaque freight market

Shippers often have trouble connecting suitable carriers with available capacity to their loads, and freight rates can be difficult to pin down.

Fluctuating available freight capacity

Regional and seasonal capacity fluctuations result in rejections, high organizational effort and higher transport costs.

Drain on internal resources

Ongoing data maintenance, support and training for each carrier may require specialized staff in a variety of time zones and languages.


Efficient, automated shipment execution with Transporeon.

Since we’ve introduced Transporeon, some benefits have started to show. It definitely helps our teams in each shipping facility better plan.”

Maurizio Pardetti

Logistics Manager , Bekaert

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