Transport Market Monitor is an online transportation publication for the shipping industry

Precise, up-to-date indicators for pricing and capacity developments in European road freight

The Transport Market Monitor online service delivers comprehensive logistics insights into developments in the European shipping industry. Logistics professionals at industrial and retail companies, carriers and logistics service providers benefit from our market intelligence information updated every month.

Transport capacity evaluations and pricing developments for European road freight is presented as interactive diagrams and a variety of charts for our subscribers.These include visualizations for the entire continent of Europe, individual countries, over 25 cross-border transport routes and more than 10 different industries.

The powerful analysis is based on spot market data from the Transporeon platforms, representing a freight volume of more than 20 billion euros per year. The indices are generated from more than 1.8 million freight orders transacted annually on the spot market via Transporeon and then anonymized by Tim Consult. This means that the Transport Market Monitor delivers valid, highly precise and transparent information.

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Comprehensive reports

Whether you are looking for price indexes or capacity comparisons, the Transport Market Monitor offers dynamic insights into the transportation market, with unprecedented comprehensive reports based on informative charts and diagrams.

Indexes based on more than 150,000 spot market transports a month

Spot market data from the Transporeon logistics platform, based on the Best Carrier freight assignment solution, serves as the information source. This means that the indexes of the Transport Market Monitor are generated from an average of 150,000 shipping orders a month.

Indices for Europe, individual countries, industries and cross-border delivery routes

Insight into the development of the entire European market, individual countries, more than 25 cross-border transport routes and more than ten industries – including construction material, steel, timber/paper, automotive and retail – by month.

Monthly updates

The Transport Market Monitor online service is updated once a month with the latest spot market data from the Transporeon platform. The newest capacity and price indexes are made available to subscribers on the second working day of the following month.

Enhanced ease of use

The Transport Market Monitor visualizes current transportation and logistics trends in easy-to-understand, interactive diagrams and graphics.

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