Automate transport assignment with solutions from Transporeon

Save transport costs and increase efficiency

Save time and transport costs. Assign shipments automatically. With Transport Assignment from Transporeon, shippers send assignment and route data digitally to their transport service providers, and then carriers submit their offers. Everything is done efficiently, digitally and with a few clicks via our cloud platform.

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Advantages of digital transport assignment

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Automated shipment execution processes

Digitally allocate and award transport orders, saving time and costs.

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Fewer empty runs

More return loads through optimised processes, transparency and simplified communication.

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Cut freight costs by up to 19%

Transport allocation and tendering at the press of a button means time savings for both shippers and carriers.

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Cut process costs by up to 30%

Automated, not manual. Digital transport assignment reduces labour hours, avoids errors and improves operations.

Automated transport assignment with Transporeon. How it works

Automatic shipment execution

Shipments are assigned automatically based on predefined guidelines, reducing manual coordination efforts by telephone, fax or email.

Automatic cost control

With “No-Touch Order”, you can assign shipments to your carriers automatically at fixed rates. Contact by telephone or fax is no longer necessary.

Optimise costs on the spot market

For additional cost optimisation, request bids for specific shipments at current daily rates within your closed group of carriers with “Best Carrier”.

Worldwide availability

You and your transport service providers can access your transport assignments worldwide through our cloud logistics platform.

Trouble-free data exchange

System interfaces between your ERP and the Transporeon cloud logistics platform ensure trouble-free data exchange across your enterprise.

Audit-proof documentation

All transport assignment steps are documented with a time stamp. You can also benefit from comprehensive reporting and export functions.

Two options for assigning your shipments




Find sufficient capacities and cost advantages in the spot market. With “Best Carrier” transport assignment, shippers may request bids from all or a selection of their connected carriers. If the carriers have free transport capacity, they make offers. The shipper then selects the right offer to achieve optimised daily freight rates. If there is little free freight space on the market, Best Carrier provides the transparency and market insight necessary to quickly and reliably find the required capacity.


Automatically and efficiently transmit transport assignments and detailed information to a specific carrier. Transport assignment with “No-Touch Order” utilises carrier data taken directly from the in-house system or other pre-defined criteria to execute shipments. The carrier has the option to accept or reject the assigned shipments, depending on the applicable agreement. If a carrier does not accept the transport order by the confirmation deadline stored in the system, assignment can then be processed through “Automatic Carrier Search”.

Automated transport assignment. Our video shows you how it works!

Assign shipments digitally. Save transport costs and create transparency. With our solutions for automated transport assignment, you optimise your logistics processes and assign shipments to the ideal partner at the best terms simply by pressing a button, without any manual effort.

Challenges of transport assignment

Fluctuating available transport capacities

Regional and seasonal capacity fluctuations result in rejections, additional organisational effort and higher transport costs.

Lack of market transparency

Shippers often have difficulty finding suitable carriers with free capacity near them. Comparing market prices is challenging.

Time-consuming shipment execution

Transport assignment by telephone, fax or email between shippers and carriers is time-consuming and expensive.

Compliance with award guidelines

Due to inexperience or a lack of knowledge, award guidelines are often not adhered to.

No central overview

Different transport management systems at various locations makes it difficult to control transport assignment.


Assigning shipments automatically.

This is how our customers optimise their transport assignments!

With freight assignment through Transporeon, both our carriers and our company save time and money. That makes it attractive: With Transporeon, we all win.”

Kurt Münk

Head of Freight Management, Knauf

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Thanks to Transporeon, we have succeeded in creating a high level of transparency for the entire network, curbing the flood of emails and streamlining our flow of goods.”

Oliver Krause

Global Category Manager/ Logistics Services, Beiersdorf

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Now we have an objective way to evaluate carrier quality – after all, our customers’ satisfaction depends on timely delivery.”

Matthias Hirschberg

Head of Logistics, ArcelorMittal

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