Why NOW is a great time to Tender.

Covid-19 Crisis brought many uncertainties for companies in every industry. The transport market has been more volatile than ever delivering capacity shortages during mid March followed by overcapacity with increases of up to 70% in comparison to 2019. During this period, many tenders have been set on hold or have been postponed.

Yet, data shows that now is the best time for companies to tender and here are just some of the examples to why:

  • Freight rates have dropped in price delivering savings from 5 to 12% compared to 2019
  • The current drop in oil prices gives businesses an opportunity to implement fuel clauses
  • Carrier landscape is expected to change forcing Shippers to look at ways in minimizing risks by enlarging carrier pools by 10% to secure orders
  • There will be a tender peak in the second half of 2020 and Carriers will not be able respond to all requests for tenders – Shippers who wait will miss opportunities or even fail to find partners.

Let us show how we can help you understand where you can drive savings as well as launch your tender process in less than a week!

3 reasons to tender now

Learn them in our webinar recording!

Based on our platform data, we inform you on the current market situation and give you 3 key reasons why the time is right to tender to help you take the right decisions for your tendering process.

Advantages of digital transport tenders

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Smart purchasing strategy

Purchasing strategy, professional tendering, tender evaluation and allocation decision expertise.

Achieve optimum freight rates

Shippers receive more bids. Carriers generate new business.

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Reduce administrative effort and costs

Prepare and execute bid requests with minimal effort for shippers and transport service providers.

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Find suitable partners worldwide

With the service provider search and individual groups, shippers can find the ideal partner for their transports.

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Audit-proof the tendering process 

100% transparent and documented bid process.

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Reporting and Rate Management

High-quality presentation of results to stakeholders and accurate rate management.

What Daikin achieved with Ticontract Tendering:


  • More efficiency: Reduction of 32% in the time taken to manage tenders
  • Streamlining the carrier database: Better qualification of carriers has enabled a reduction of 13% in the numbers of carriers
  • Less disruption: Thanks to a 40% reduction in requested spot market offers
  • Cost reduction: 7-8% cost reduction with the predominant use of known suppliers

Today, with Ticontract, we can access a database of tens of thousands of carriers in cloud mode.

Claudio Bettella, Supply Chain Director South Europe

Discuss your tendering opportunities with one of our experts:

Comprehensive functions for successful freight tenders

Data transfer to digital Rate Management

Barrier-free data transfer to our solution for effective rate management.

Logistics service provider prequalification

Preselection of suitable transport service providers using weighted electronic questionnaires.

Logistics service provider search and selection

Intelligent, system-supported search and selection of suitable transport service providers for freight tenders. 

Multi-stage negotiation rounds

Designed for multiple negotiation rounds and includes the ability for live service provider feedback. 

Reporting and statistics

Integrated analysis assistant for comprehensive evaluations and simulations.

Integration of existing logistics service providers

As a shipper, you can easily integrate your existing bidder pool into tenders. 

Download our Product Data Sheets:


Transport tenders through Ticontract e-tender optimises costs and processes

Looking only at cost savings, electronic tendering has had the greatest single effect. It allowed us to lower transport costs in 2015 by a six-figure amount."

Manfred Himmelbach

Group Logistics Officer, Avista Oil

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Web-based tenders gave us a comprehensive overview of the market, which we could use to achieve significant cost savings."

Peter Ryf

Head of Export Administration, Migros

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In addition to the different export functions, the evaluation function is especially interesting to me. I can display best prices and rankings, and simulate various scenarios for service provider assignments."

Oliver Exner

Inbound Logistics EMEA, Burger King

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Our overarching goal was, above all, to increase transparency in the processes and lower costs and time spent."

Ralf Hammer

Global Transport Planning and Global Logistics Manager, Lenzing Group

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