Freight Audit Driven by Deep Logistical Data

Empowering your global logistics with unparalleled efficiency, cost savings and accurate real-time knowledge

ControlPay offers the most technologically advanced and comprehensive Freight Audit platform on the market, making your logistical operations more efficient, lowering your costs and providing deep actionable insights into your logistical operations from a bird’s eye view.

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ControlPay provides a robust service, and each client integration is custom-tailored to the company’s needs. We specialize in multinational operations with a high degree of complexity and have experience with the top level of global market players. The unparalleled synergy of automated technology and human expertise is our gold standard. 

Our web-based platform is supported by skilled professional auditors who refine, troubleshoot and offer only the most excellent results. Our teams work in seamless cooperation with the clients’ Logistics and Finance departments, which provides optimal cost-saving and analytical solutions. With our advanced auditing services, you are in full control of your freight costs, can easily prevent irregularities and errors, and are able to see crystal-clear data on your operations.

Significant cost savings and streamlined, accurate billing via Freight Audit services

The world of modern logistics demands efficiency, flexibility and process optimization. This is exactly what we offer: a significant percentage decrease of your freight costs, an optimized process for payments, technological tools with unparalleled convenience and security, as well as the benefits of our human logistical and auditing expertise to optimize your payment operations.

Powerful transport data analytics to take your global logistics to the next level

Freight Audit solutions should go beyond simply lowering costs. Our technology provides accurate business intelligence on your logistics operations across different countries, modes, sites, business units, systems, regions, and carriers. Crystal-clear visibility of logistical data empowers informed decision-making and logistical optimization, simultaneously allowing you to identify hidden patterns, issues or opportunities.

How we deliver

Advanced Technology

Controlpay has the most robust and well-tested Audit Platform.

Superior Customer Service

Strong delivery and service approach. You supply raw data, we turn it into your business advantages.

Continuous innovation

Expanding functionality based on customer feedback. The best Logistics Intelligence dashboard on the market.

Driven by logistics

Flexible and pragmatic based on logistics knowledge and experience.

Benefits of Freight Audit for carrier, logistics, finance

Gold-standard logistical data and unparalleled cost savings are the two pillars of ControlPay’s Freight Audit services. We provide actionable intelligence, lowered costs and vast opportunities for optimization in Logistics, Finance and Operations within your business.

Benefits of Freight Audit for the Carriers

Automation technology combined with auditing expertise streamlines the invoicing and billing process for all involved parties. No more guesswork or wasted time as our tools provide invoice and shipping data visibility, email notifications, online access, identification of issues and much more. The result is a smoother, quicker experience for carriers.

  • Invoice status visibility and email notifications on updates
  • Carriers use online  tools to streamline and resolve issues
  • Invoice quality and creation speed is greatly improved
  • Shipping data is always available online
  • Underbilling is reported
  • Improved efficiency of Logistics operations (time is no longer wasted on payment inquiries) 
  • Improved efficiency of Logistics management (managers can quickly resolve exceptions and issues in an online tool)
  • Automation of Reporting/Accruals via Business Intelligence tools 
  • Full visibility of processes, data and carrier performance
  • Improved data for benchmarking and tendering. 

Benefits of Freight Audit for Logistics

Our Freight Audit services empower and optimize your Logistics operations, allowing managers to focus on what is truly important, removing uncertainty, providing data clarity and streamlining previously slow and costly processes. Automation, business intelligence and convenient online tools help your company make logistical operations efficient, competitive and business-oriented.

Benefits of Freight Audit for Finance

Freight Audit services on our platform provide new and powerful advantages for your Finance operations. Numerous previously manual tasks are handled by our business intelligence functions. A vast amount of accurate data is offered for a better financial analysis and business expenses are lowered via automation of simpler functions.

  •  High level of payment automation and centralization 
  • Automation and detailed control of Account Coding 
  • New opportunities for business and logistics analysis based on extensive data 
  • Automation of Reporting/Accruals via Business Intelligence tools 
  • No more credit notes
  • Streamlined and easy communication between Logistics and carriers
  • Headcount savings. 

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