Upgrade Your Freight Procurement with a Strategy Assessment Workshop

Freight rate purchasing is both highly complex and highly specific, not to mention subject to continuous change. As a Purchasing Manager, it is sometimes hard to tell if your processes are optimized for the current market conditions and up-to-date with latest developments. Highly complex market structures and ever-increasing demands for efficiency puts pressure on Purchasing Departments – even more right now, as the year is coming to an end.

That’s why we’re offering a unique workshop experience, fully tailored to your individual requirements. Tim Consult and Transporeon have over 20 years of experience in freight purchasing, deep market knowledge, and a best-in-class tendering tool.

Now, for a limited time, our Tim Consult experts will analyze your process and provide concrete recommendations, customized just for you. Our workshop results will empower you to create the ideal requirements for Procurement Excellent for all modes of transport.

Why you should join - Four Key Benefits

  • Individualized assessment of your current processes
  • Best practice recommendations for market-specific purchasing strategies
  • Independent, expert opinions on industry questions
  • Concrete recommendations for optimizing your Procurement Excellent

Interested in the Strategy Assessment Workshop? Get in touch with one of our representatives.

Upgrade Your Freight Procurement

With a customized workshop tailored entirely to your requirements and specific challenges, we’ll help you to:

  • Review your current procurement strategy

We’ll identify opportunities for more efficient tendering, evaluation and allocation decisions.

  • Inspect fuel and bunker clauses

We’ll provide feedback on existing fuel clauses or help you develop one.

  • Check your data for an integrated shipment data analysis

We’ll look through your data for relevance and completeness in order to offer best practice recommendations for tendering.

  • Set up a rate card

We’ll help you establish, structure, and validate your rate cards, accounting for account transport and sector-specific best practices.

  • Analyze your service provider management

We’ll advise on your provider selection, in-service practices, and management.

  • Address your individual challenges

We’ll incorporate any other topics you wish you cover.

How it works:

1. Kick-off Consultation Call
We help you define your requirements and the content for the workshop.

2. Workshop Preparation
We prepare a customized workshop to fit your needs and add maximum value.

3. Digital Workshop
The format and duration is customized to suit your requirements.

4. Workshop Analysis
We analyze the output from the workshop and prepare a report.

5. Final Presentation
We share the full results of the process, including all research, results, and recommendations for next steps.