Transporeon Surcharge Management

Automatically manage freight surcharges and accessorial fees. Create transparency.

Lengthy customs clearance, detention and wait times, complications during loading – unpredictable events lead to increased accessorial charges, lost time and require significant effort when each case is different and calls for an individual solution. This is where Transporeon Surcharge Management comes in. The module manages and categorizes all accessorial charges automatically so all you have to do is approve or reject the proposed surcharges for the ultimate logistics cost control.

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Benefits of digital freight surcharge management

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Automates and structures processes

All events are categorized, and the associated logistics costs are managed automatically. Implementation into an ERP system is possible.

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Real-time transparency

All shipment information is saved to the ERP system automatically and made available to all relevant staff.

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Cost and time savings

Manual work is eliminated.

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Assured compliance

Surcharge Management is designed to ensure compliant user behavior.

Main functions

Defining permissions

The shipper enables the carrier to request accessorial charges or surcharges and defines which types are allowed.


The carrier selects the applicable surcharge option from a list defined by the shipper, determines the amount and submits a request to the shipper.

Order management

Each surcharge is associated with a freight order, eliminating any need to manually review surcharges and freight assignments.

One-click decision

The shipper can accept or reject the carrier’s request with a single mouse click.

Repeat requests

The carrier may submit a rejected surcharge and request partial payment instead of payment in full.

Surcharge Management webinar

In the webinar, you will learn how Surcharge Management can help you introduce more transparency and control of freight rates. The session features a live demonstration of the solution for logistics cost control over freight surcharges.

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