Transportation Pulse Report 2022

Building a Better Tomorrow in Transportation: On Trust, Relationships, Networks, & Sustainability


With great difficulty comes great opportunity. Covid-19 proved to be a catalyst for dramatic change in an industry previously slowed by prohibitive ways of working. So what did 2021 teach us?

Findings unveiled in the second edition of our Transportation Pulse Report 2022 provide food for thought for the experts, and unrivalled insight to guide us forward in the face of uncertainty.

Collated in partnership with Adrian Gonzalez, Founder of Talking Logistics and President of Adelante SCM, the report delivers a year-on-year snapshot of desired outcomes for transportation processes. Based on views and experiences contributed by hundreds of industry leaders from around the world, three major themes emerge:

  • The Physical vs. Digital Supply Chain 
  • A Trust Problem in Supply Chains
  • Not Just Software Eating the World Anymore


What have we learned over the past 20 months?

Everyone has become aware of how vulnerable global supply chains are, and we’ve learned the importance of having real-time visibility of your supply chain. You cannot avoid disruptions, but when your CEO asks you ‘Where is our cargo currently?’ you need to have a good answer available.

Dr. Thomas Lieb

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
and former CEO of Schenker, member of Transporeon’s Advisory Board

A trust problem in supply chains

More than half of survey respondents (55%) either agree or strongly agree that “you can’t be too careful” when dealing with people across your supply chain. Only 13% rated their trust level with technology companies as high, with 24% voting low.

Facing great challenges throughout 2021 has welcomed possibilities that many hadn’t even dreamed of. Find out how the need for greater transparency is driving new trends across the whole supply chain.

Excerpt from the report

Not Just Software Eating the World Anymore

The power of the network shows no sign of slowing down. How can we connect, scale, and keep up? More Shippers (83%) than Carriers (73%) said the size and scope of their logistics network is either important or very important when selecting a TMS or logistics service provider partner. It’s no secret that the combination of software with large networks of connected trading partners means both parties can achieve their desired outcomes more quickly, efficiently, and intelligently than ever before. Are you onboard?