Air Freight Volume Management 2021

Since the onset of the pandemic, the air freight sector has shifted and is now operating in a tenuous new normal. Volatile market forces favor carriers and forwarders, while shippers struggle to access capacities at the right time and for the right price. 

In June 2021, we surveyed leading shippers to learn how they are coping since the pandemic began and which strategies they’re using for air cargo procurement. 

Excerpt from the report

Do you have established demand planning / volume forecasting with regard to air freight?

Partial approaches include geographical regions, specific products, top lanes, and project business.

Focus of partial approaches:

  • Geographical regions
  • Specific products 4
  • Top lanes
  • Projects/project business

Excerpt from the report

How far in advance can you make an accurate air cargo forecast?

The accuracy of forecast periods has decreased significantly since the start of the corona pandemic. "In this current challenging times, 69% of survey attendees can forecast only up to one month to a named degree of “accurate”."

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