Winmore x Transporeon

Maximise tender management with strategic benchmark analysis. 

Winmore provides the logistics industry with best-in-class tender management and implementation software that leverage AI/ML technology to help our customers win more business for road, air and ocean. Winmore's highly flexible and low-code solution empowers our customers to configure the application to match their exact business process and integrate any data source needed for a more accurate and powerful pricing experience. This flexibility, combined with access to historical and benchmark data, ensures customers understand how to increase gross margin, improve operational efficiency and optimise their pricing to achieve their targets.

With this integration, we are providing carriers and logistics service providers with the transparency they need to benchmark against their proposed selling levels and make informed pricing decisions at the lane level. We are delighted to be partnering with Transporeon to provide our customers with this additional value.

Christian Sorensen,
Managing Director of Winmore’s European operations

Benefits for your business

By integrating data from Transporeon Market Insights with Winmore's solution, our joint customers gain a powerful tool for pricing analysis and benchmarking. This integration allows users to effectively compare their pricing with the most comprehensive industry data available. Additionally, it offers benchmarks for customer quotations when needed. After completing a bid, customers can assess the results against the Market Insights predictions, providing valuable insights for future pricing strategies. This can help secure new businesses by leveraging data to price the right services in the right lanes.

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Market Insights
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Network Insights
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