Driver of the Year

Our truckers work hard to keep the world moving, and we want to celebrate their dedication and hard work. That's why we decided to run a competition and reward those drivers whose go the extra mile!

And the winners are... 

We are thrilled to announce the exceptional winners of the Transporeon Driver of the Year Awards 2023!  

We were amazed at the number of entries we received, with some incredible stories about drivers going the extra mile in their work. Congratulations to all those recognised by their employers and colleagues – just to be nominated is something to be proud of. 

It was a tough job, but we managed to pick three drivers who fully deserve to be named Driver of the Year 2023... 

Jaime Girona Campillo,

Transmanolet, S.L.  

Jaime's remarkable expertise goes beyond being an experienced driver. His resourcefulness in resolving on-road challenges without needing assistance, combined with his impeccable safety record, sets him apart. With nearly 40 years of accident-free driving and exceptional care for the vehicles, Jaime's attention to detail and high standards shine through.

Moreover, his proficient paperwork, road knowledge, and industry relationships make him invaluable. Recognising his dedication and achievements, Jaime is a deserving award recipient.


Marco Stradiotto,

F. Ili Canil  

With 34 years of dedicated service as an international liquid chemical transport driver at Canil, Marco is an experienced, responsible and highly regarded professional. He has consistently demonstrated exceptional punctuality, operational skills and proficiency in languages. Beyond his driving duties, he serves as an in-house BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) instructor, training new drivers and promoting vehicle tidiness and cleanliness.

Marco's mechanical skills have proven invaluable in keeping vehicles operational during breakdowns, highlighting his resourcefulness and reliability. His exemplary conduct, minimal road accidents and infrequent speeding fines make him a role model in the demanding profession of a driver.


Ireneusz Jandzinski,

Roos Spedition GmbH  

Ireneusz is the perfect example of a driver going the extra mile. Earlier this year, Ireneusz was driving his truck on the French A28 when a car in front of him blew a tire and lost control, crashing into a concrete wall. Without hesitation, Ireneusz safely parked his truck on the side of the highway, activated his hazard lights, and rushed to the scene. Inside the badly damaged car, he found a woman with her 14-month-old baby. The mother was unable to unlock her seat belt and was panicking, as there was a risk of the car catching fire. Ireneusz cut the woman's seat belt and successfully rescued her and the baby from the vehicle Ireneusz was personally thanked for his heroic actions by the local fire brigade and the Gendarmerie and now we can thank him with this coveted award. 

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