Ocean Market Update Webinar

Stay Ahead of the Curve 

Learn the latest ocean market updates and how to navigate stormy seas with essential ocean freight data.

Is the current market situation in ocean freight leaving you feeling lost at sea? It's time to set sail towards success with our Ocean Market Update webinar. 

Hosted by our own experts, this webinar will give an overview of the ocean freight market, using the latest Transporeon data. Plus, you will discover the solutions you need to navigate your way through any market challenge. 

This webinar is for you, if you: 

  • Need an update on recent developments on the ocean market 
  • Want to know how and where this impacts the industry 
  • Want to understand how to navigate the marketplace in a way that is right for you 


Welcome with Patrick Pretorius

Patrick Pretorius, Director Business Development North America, Transporeon 

Ocean Market Updates

Overall ocean market updates: Find out what is currently going on and what is new in the ocean freight market.  

Mark Scheerlinck, Ocean Specialist Eco System Tribe, Transporeon 

Make smarter procurement decisions

Further market updates with data from our Market Intelligence tool.  

Christoph Bruns, Head of Market Intelligence Air & Ocean, Transporeon

How to manage ocean freight in stormy seas

How to manage transport across the seas in the current market situation – what kind of solutions shippers need in the current market situation, how our solutions can help overcome the current challenges from thought leadership perspective.  

Alexis McCubbin, RTV and Solution Design Consultant, Transporeon 

Asdrubal Navas, Business Development Manager, Transporeon 


Your opportunity to field questions to our panel of experts. 


Alexis McCubbin

RTV and Solution Design Consultant,

Asdrubal Navas

Business Development Manager,

Christoph Bruns

Head of Market Intelligence Air & Ocean, 

Mark Scheerlinck

Business Development Manager,

Patrick Pretorius

Shipper Sales Director, North America

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