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When challenges call for getting smart with big data

10/16/2023 | 8 min

Will you be the next trailblazer for digital and data?

These days, it feels like everyone is talking about the transformative power of data. It’s easy to find yourself questioning just how transformative it really is, especially with the transport industry’s poor track record for digital adoption. Can shippers optimise and adapt their transport operations and performance? Can we leave officially gut instinct, laborious phone calls and mountains of paperwork in the past? Our answer is a big YES...  

...providing that you’re using the right data. That means 100% reliable, collated and organised to present clear evidence against an agreed set of criteria. Data for the sake of data is near worthless.  

As for how to revolutionise transport operations and performance, read on to learn a little more about why leveraging easy to use, trusted comparisons with the wider market makes it possible.  

But as much as we’re proud to be huge advocates for digitalisation, let’s keep it real for a moment. Times are tough for the transport sector for all sorts of reasons. Increased costs, regulatory requirements, driver shortages, pressure to build a strategy that includes both spot and contract, fast-changing customer habits, and demand for ‘the last mile’...none of us are strangers to the challenges faced by logistics today. Remember when we had the luxury of 28 days to fulfil orders? Now, if customers can’t expect to receive goods the next day (or even the same day) at their home address, they’ll simply look elsewhere.

Why Market Insights?

Ask us to name one reason why Market Insights is a smart choice for your business, and we’ll give you at least five. Benchmarking your data is probably at the top of the list – use the tool for 100% confidence in procurement and pricing with trusted, up-to-the-minute, independent contract and spot pricing analysis from a single source.  

Transparent connections with supplies and customers help to build and nurture relationships. Single-source, cross-market analysis and insights into vehicle, fuel, driver and service costs make it easy to optimise your total trucking costs. Change the carbon outlook with the ability to accurately measure and compare emissions data. Keep life simple with at-a-glance dashboards.   

But what about validating your strategies and deals against the wider market? In 360° Insights: Benchmark your network data against the market to gain a competitive edge, you’ll get a detailed view of our innovative new feature that allows shippers to compare their network performance against the broader market overview. We like to think of it as a Business Intelligence tool-as-a-service, and the business case to prove the value of Network Insights is revealed in depth in the white paper.

What happened when Pfiefer Group and Knauf struck gold  

Thomas Staudinger, Head of Logistics at Pfeifer Group, describes Transporeon Market and Network Insights as ‘treasure’. Now that’s got us desperate to know more, and we’re the ones who came up with it! Staudinger explained with relief that decisions are no longer based on guesswork.  

Meanwhile, Sebastian Weikert, Category Manager Logistics Procurement at Knauf, reveals how to get the balance right between being first to take advantage, and reacting at the optimal moment in a changing market. Network Insights helps the team at Knauf to see trends ahead of time – trends that signal whether they’ll make a move. 

Find out how Pfeifer Group uses Network Insights as a BI tool to provide precise independent analysis of prices, routes, transports and services, and get an exclusive look at why data harvesting is at the heart of logistics success for leading construction manufacturer, Knauf, when you download the full white paper.

Data: your not-so-secret weapon

Whether seeking comfort on spot or contract price, measuring carbon emissions precisely, or selecting the most efficient lanes, in the most appropriate vehicle and at the right time, data is going to be the not-so-secret weapon in helping transport firms overcome challenges.  

The fact is, today in 2023, Transporeon is the largest platform with the richest dataset in Europe, with over 120,000 transports per day mining its real-time market rates and FTL capacity dynamics – all that’s left to do is take advantage of it. Sceptics, prepare to witness how agile data management enriches traditional transport businesses. You could be the next trailblazer for digitisation and data. We hope you will be!

WHITE PAPER: 360° Insights

Benchmark Your Data Against the Market to Gain a Competitive Edge

This white paper reveals the transformative power of data and how shippers can optimise and adapt their transport operations and performance, by leveraging trusted comparisons with the wider market. Find out how Transporeon Market Insights and Network Insights is helping market leaders Knauf and Pfeifer harness the power of big data.

Download our white paper and watch our exclusive interviews

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Together our products work in harmony to increase transport efficiency along the full lifecycle of freight activities.

Insights Hub

Market Insights

Market Insights
  • Monitor the contractually agreed rates between shippers, logistic service providers, and the spot market.
  • Use important "indirect" indicators to illustrate the capacity situation on any given lane or market.
  • Define the lanes and metrics that you want to monitor.
  • Get a clear overview of the biggest market changes and top movers.

Insights Hub

Network Insights

Network Insights
  • Set standards that support your partners’ businesses.
  • Benchmark against the wider market.
  • Escape the hassle of setting up reports manually.
  • Get standardized and relevant insights.
  • Track your performance and optimize your operations.


Freight Sourcing Hub

Autonomous Procurement

Autonomous Procurement
  • Automates procurement using data and behavioural science.
  • Analyses how carriers make pricing decisions.
  • Achieves requested capacity at lower freight rates for road transports.
  • Fully automated process of predicting, framing offers, and concluding assignments.
  • Entirely carrier specific and automated process.

Freight Audit & Payment Hub

Freight Audit

Freight Audit
  • Full visibility of process, data and carrier performance.
  • Logistics should no longer deal with invoicing.
  • Underbilling is reported.
  • Receives alerts about rejection/approval.
  • Cost allocation of freight audit costs are automated.

Freight Sourcing Hub

Strategic Benchmarking

Strategic Benchmarking
  • Persistent freight cost savings with up to 8% with our state of art benchmarking approach.
  • Get the most comprehensive overview of all markets and for all modes.
  • Profit from insights into latest market developments & forecasts.
  • Get a deeper understanding of rate developments & costs drivers.
  • Receive regular information with market overviews, developments, cost drivers.