All New Carbon Visibility Solution

Start today to empower your sustainability journey by upgrading your carbon accounting methods.

02/27/2023 | 8 min

Sustainability Hub has exciting news to share. We are upgrading our carbon emissions calculation engine and data structure to the next level. This allows us to offer even more precise measurements for every shipment, and to continue providing globally recognised GLEC accredited CO2e emission reports to our customers. The GLEC standards covers other international standards like the Green House Gas Protocol and the Science Based Targets initiative. Furthermore, we will be ready for the upcoming ISO 14083 standard.

Make a switch today and transform your carbon accounting methods. To be able to use the full potential of our new Carbon Visibility features, you need to review your data input and upgrade to our new high-quality standards.  

We understand these changes take some effort, so this article shares the detailed requirements, to help make the upgrade as smooth as possible.

Benefits of the upgraded Carbon Visibility solution

  • Centralised Data Management: We are centralising all carbon-related data in one database, making it easier to manage and analyse. This leads to better data accuracy and consistency across all our carbon product offerings in the future. 

  • Improved Data Quality: We are harmonising the data collection process, reducing the risk of human error, and ensuring that all data is collected in a consistent manner. This results in accurate carbon accounting and calculations. 

  • Globally Recognised Accreditations: The new data model is accredited by GLEC-Framework and will be ready for upcoming ISO 14083 standards, guaranteeing reliable and trustworthy emission reports. 

  • Better Scalability: As your business grows, its carbon footprint is likely to grow with it. Our new system offers better scalability options, allowing you to easily expand carbon accounting capabilities, or start using our carbon reduction focused products in the future. 

  • Data Analysis: With the new data structure, you can analyse the carbon data to quickly identify inefficiencies and make informed decisions.

How to upgrade to the new Carbon Visibility solution? 

  • Familiarise yourself with the new data points requirements. Read through the technical information provided below in this article, so you understand what it means for you and your workflows.

  • Reach out to us upgrade your CO2e calculations. You can arrange meetings with our technical experts about the new features, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Get in touch to upgrade to the new Carbon Visibility Solution

Data requirements to upgrade to new features 

We are raising our standards for the carbon emissions calculation engine and data structure to meet the regulations, offer precise measurements, and continue providing globally accredited CO2e emission reports to our customers.

Below are some essential data points, among many others, which are critical to enhance accuracy of carbon accounting.

 1. Mandatory data needed to provide the best calculations: 

  • Weight of the shipment: This is an absolute must. All frameworks depend on weight, as it’s one of the crucial factors for emissions calculation.  

  • Addresses/geolocations of pickup and drop-off locations, or the shortest planned distance.  

  • Mode of transport. 

  • Additional data about the shipment: 
    - Unique ID of the shipment. 
    - Separate shipment legs for intermodal transports, or multiple deliveries. 
    - Truck ID and tour ID, which connects a shipment with a vehicle. 

2. Non-mandatory data: Helps us to further improve accuracy of the results and enables analytic granularity for filtering & structuring: 

  • Type of truck, fuel, trailer, goods.  

  • Cooling required. 

Read more about the changes in our Carbon Visibility Data Quality document

How to provide data to us?

You can provide data to us via Carbon Emissions API Transporeon gateway:

  • Our advance APIs enable easy integration with your existing systems like TMS and ERP enabling complete visibility of your CO2e emission data down to shipment level. 

  • It is possible to batch load large amounts of historic and external shipments to cover 100% of transport activities. 

  • The system automatically checks data quality for sanity.

  • One time effort pays off with better overview and less work in the future.