Stay ahead of shipping capacity and gain control with dock scheduling

Book a time slot. Load and unload on time. Get back on the road in a flash.

Inefficiencies at the dock can cause long lines of trucks outside shipping facilities, delayed deliveries and increased driver wait times—plus the added cost of steep detention fees. Transporeon Dock Scheduling shows your loading and unloading capacity in a digital schedule, and gives both you and your carriers visibility into the time slots. Carriers use the online system to self-schedule convenient delivery or pickup appointments. Vehicle arrival times are automatically adapted to available resources, such as personnel, forklifts or other equipment. Transporeon Dock Scheduling optimizes internal processes, increases handling capacity and reduces delays as well as loading and unloading times.

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Advantages of digital Dock Scheduling

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Increase handling capacity by up to 20%

Optimized processes save time and free up resources to load and unload additional vehicles.

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Reduce driver wait times by up to 40%

Trucks arrive at the dock at the scheduled time, preventing traffic congestion at the site.

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Decrease loading times by up to 60 minutes

Loading / unloading slots can be fine-tuned to speed up processes and handling times, even with complex loading logic and material dependencies.

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Optimal use of resources

Steady, planned distribution of inbound vehicles so that resources and loads can be made ready at the right time.

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Comprehensive transparency and control

Clear overview and documentation of critical processes, carrier quality levels and optimization potential for more complete shipment visibility.

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Improved planning and optimization

Automated communication and availability of real-time data integrated in to your existing TMS, YMS or WMS.

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Lower logistics costs

Loading times can be optimized and detention fees can be virtually eliminated.

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Give back to the market

Saves up to 5 driver hours per truck per day in wait times, effectively keeping drivers on the road and helping to alleviate capacity issues.

Dock Scheduling: Primary features

Digital resource management

Docks and unloading resources are digitally mapped, then assigned and managed through the system.

Centralized status information

The status of each truck can be viewed and updated by all departments in real time.

Continuous documentation

Documentation of registrations, safety instructions and status changes are audit-proof.

Dynamic time slot lengths

The system determines the required loading time based on your transportation data and resources. Alternate time-slot length availability and booking is also possible.

Complete transport data

All information is available centrally, including vehicle and driver information, or health and safety lists.

Automatic evaluations

Prepare standard reports and evaluate KPIs at the press of a button—for example, to see if deadlines were met and determine truck waiting or processing times.

Master the challenges of planning loading and unloading with Dock Scheduling

Peak loads and idle times

Uneven distribution of incoming vehicles throughout the day means congestion and idle times.

Limited planning capability

No visibility into vehicle arrival times. Loading and unloading resources cannot be planned in advance, and transport goods must be prepared on short notice.

Congestion and detention charges

Uncoordinated arrivals result in vehicle congestion at the site. Long waiting times result in surcharges and increased transportation costs.

Time-consuming and complex organization

Booking time slots by telephone, fax and email is time-consuming. Administration in Excel tables is cumbersome. Misunderstandings arise due to language barriers and important information gets lost.

Lack of transparency and documentation

Documentation of loading and unloading processes is incomplete, resulting in a lack of evidence if accidents occur. Incomplete data prevents valid reporting.

Safety-critical processes

Missing information, reliance on verbal and written communication, and time pressure all combine to increase accident risks.


Experience with digital Dock Scheduling

Helping shippers achieve time and cost savings.

Since we’ve introduced Transporeon, some benefits have started to show. It definitely helps our teams in each shipping facility better plan. It’s very visual, very easy to see, whereas with our established SAP ERP system it’s just columns and rows and it’s hard to fully get an idea of what you’re dealing with on a daily basis.”

Maurizio Pardetti

Logistics Manager, Bekaert Corporation

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