Getting Ukrainian agricultural produce back in motion 

Did you know that Ukraine supplies 50% of the world’s sunflower oil, 15% of its corn and 12% of its wheat? The knock-on effect of this disrupted supply chain is food shortages at a global level. 

Today, 25 million tonnes of Ukraine agricultural produce are sitting in warehouses and on railcars, stuck, as a direct result of the conflict. Are you in a position to help the cause to get these goods moving and avert a crisis? 

The European Commission has adopted the action plan ‘EU Ukraine Solidarity Lanes’ aimed at facilitating the Ukraine’s agricultural export and bilateral trade with the EU. A key part of this plan is to scale up rail freight and any other convenient transportation, unleash bottlenecks and drive engagement from the logistics community to take part, contribute transportation equipment and open up freight corridors. 

Європейська комісія прийняла план дій «Дороги солідарності ЄС», спрямований на сприяння експорту сільськогосподарської продукції та двосторонній торгівлі, щоб уможливити налагодження контактів вантажовідправників, перевізників та власників транспортних активів із постачальниками в Україні. Ключом до цього плану є розширення можливостей залізничного/автомобільного/баржного перевезення вантажів.

Transporeon безкоштовно пропонує свою тендерну платформу. Також вантажні перевезення та необхідні консультаційні послуги для реалізації проекту для всіх вантажовідправників, які займаються експортом української продукції по всьому світу.

Після індивідуальної консультації Transporeon проведе захід підбору партнерів, щоб дозволити всім вантажовідправникам і перевізникам будь-якого типу узгодити ємності, обсяги, час доставки, тарифи тощо.

Відправники, власники транспортних засобів та перевізники, які хочуть приєднатися, можуть заповнити форму, щоб зареєструватися. З вами зв’язжуться українською мовою, щоб обговорити варіанти та шляхи подальшого розвитку. Не соромтеся звертатися електронною поштою.

"As the name suggests, the EU-UA Solidarity Lanes are an exercise in solidarity; close cooperation between Member States, national, regional, local authorities and private entities that drives partnership and the interoperability needed to succeed. We have trust in companies like Transporeon to put the full force of their expertise behind the Solidarity Lanes."

Adina Välean,
European Commissioner for Transport

Transporeon's involvement

Transporeon is dedicated to supporting the European Commission ́s initiative with provision of its real-time visibility platform along with procurement capability to facilitate the matchmaking of shippers and LSPs with suppliers in Ukraine.
We will also offer support for execution.

Transporeon Real-Time Visibility


We are putting the full power of our real-time visibility platform at the disposal of all parties to identify live congestions and transit times across the region. This will allow all players in the supply chain to plan their transportation activity more efficiently and provide governmental bodies an opportunity to deploy resources and remove hurdles as necessary to alleviate any bottlenecks.

We already started to integrate a good portion of railway undertakings to extend our visibility accordingly. Any additional RU or inland waterway operators are welcome. Also all critical ports and terminals are currently added to the map. Access to the platform will be restricted for parties in the EU-Ukraine-Solidarity-Lanes initiative. 


Transporeon Freight Procurement


In addition we will make available our procurement application to facilitate the collaborative matchmaking event the European Commission is supporting to enable parties to match freight capacities by a collaborative tender for freight quickly, easily and competitively. 

This facility will be made available on a not-for-profit basis.

Transporeon Execution Platform


We´re also elaborating on a beneficial offering to existing and new shippers / LSPs who want to execute transports subject to the EU Ukraine Solidarity Lanes initiative over our execution platform. More information will follow shortly.

Accessible Freight Corridors

Transporeon will undertake a joint matchmaking event focused on the +/- 25 corridors from the border locations to the destination ports. To allow all shippers, LSPs and carriers of any type aligning on capacities, volumes, transit-times, rates and more. There will be an alternative option for those shippers and LSPs which have deviating requirements in the same context.

An initial webinar should allow all parties to take the best decision where to go.

Our solutions to help

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Real Time Tracking & Visibility

Transporeon Visibility

Transporeon Visibility
  • Reduce check calls and automate processes.
  • Increase performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce wait and dwell times with more accurate ETAs.
  • Increase your on-time performance and avoid penalties  
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and empty mileage.

Freight Procurement & Rate Management

Transporeon Freight Procurement

Transporeon Freight Procurement
  • Smart purchasing strategy.
  • Achieve optimum freight rates.
  • Reduce administrative effort and costs.
  • Find suitable partners worldwide.
  • Audit-proof the tendering process.

Freight Procurement & Rate Management

Transporeon Freight Procurement Advisory & Analytics

Transporeon Freight Procurement Advisory & Analytics
  • Save up to 19% on freight costs.
  • Save 30% on administrative effort with e-sourcing.
  • Use only quality-approved data for tender processes and RFQ events.
  • Join Europe's largest transport purchasing community with 40,000+ qualified carrier 
  • Ensure 100% compliance with tendering processes.

Transport Execution

Transporeon No-Touch Order

Transporeon No-Touch Order
  • Automated shipment execution processes.
  • Fewer empty runs.
  • Cut process costs by up to 30%.

Transport Execution

Transporeon Best Carrier

Transporeon Best Carrier
  • Access the spot market more easily.
  • Cut transaction costs by up to 19%.
  • React quickly to market fluctuations.
  • Improve process efficiency with better integrations.
  • Cloud-based system provides real-time transparency.

Options for collaboration

Shippers and cargo owners can either get involved individually with a fast go to market approach or they can take a collaborative approach with a number of other shippers and cargo owners. 

Collaborative – Work together as a group
  • Shippers and Cargo Owners align jointly on defined routes / destinations where they need transportation capacity and freight prices 

  • Parties share their existing logistics service providers for all transport modes for free registration within the carrier database of Transporeon 

  • Based on requirements and routes / destinations, we will run a joint search within the TP carrier database to find additional logistics service providers who can fulfil the requirements 

  • Within a free RFI we can request more information from the logistics service providers and collect ideas on solving the current issues 

  • In case the RFI findings are promising we will run a collaborative sourcing event combining all identified routes / destinations, transport modes and volumes to find available capacity and prices  

  • This collaborative approach will take longer as it will need preparation, data collection and harmonization  

  • Transporeon will cover the project cost for this event, Shippers / Cargo Owners only pay a limited participation fee (Internal info 3k per participant / free for suppliers)

Individual – Fast go to market approach as an individual entity
  • Use the TP Carrier Database free of charge to find new carrier partners out of the 45k registered logistics suppliers and add your own, current logistics suppliers 

  • Run a free of charge RFI towards newly found providers from the TP Database and your own, current logistics suppliers to tackle the current logistics constraints, discuss and find new options and opportunities 

  • Where RFI findings are promising, you can run a low cost RFQ via Transporeon Freight Procurement to find available capacity and prices (free for suppliers, nominal fee for shippers).

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Shippers and LSPs who want to join can fill out the form to register and should share their carriers so that we can map those already on the Transporeon Platform and invite any new carriers for on-boarding. Interested parties will be invited to an online workshop to talk through options and the way forward.

By qualification of your registration you will also get access to the Sixfold EU-Ukraine-Solidarity-Lanes map in due time.