Leveraging Real-Time Data and the Network Effect for Next Level Time Slot Management

Time Slot Management applications have emerged and evolved in the last couple of years from a concept that signalled value-generating potential, to a must-have in an era that demands digitization.

We collaborated with ARC Advisory Group to conduct a survey report that uncovers the true power of time slot management, how to optimize its value by leveraging the network effect, and the impact of current tech trends.

Download the report to realize key recommendations:

  • To leverage the network effect
  • To commit to using real-time data
  • To continue to innovate

The Future of Time Slot Management: gaining a complete network perspective with real-time data

Where lies the biggest potential in time slot management? From real-time data to connected and autonomous supply chains, find out whether your vision for the future aligns with the latest industry findings to support combining planning with procurement, real-time visibility and transport execution.

Tackling the tech gap

Right now, rescheduling remains a manual task for nearly ⅔ of those surveyed. On minimizing the impact of change, this report unveils more evidence that the network effect is at the heart of supply chain transformation.


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Dock & Yard Management Hub

Time Slot Management for Retail

Time Slot Management for Retail
  • Increase handling capacity by up to 20%
  • Reduce driver wait times by up to 40%
  • Shorten loading times by up to 60 minutes
  • Audit and legal security
  • Completely documented processes

Dock & Yard Management Hub

Time Slot Management

Time Slot Management
  • Full transparency of delivery and pick-up times for all parties 
  • Efficient use of resources due to the even and predictable distribution of loadings and unloadings
  • Reduction of waiting times for trucks by up to 40%
  • Audit-proof and legal compliance through fully documented processes
  • Quick response and operational optimization through fast communication and real-time data

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