Data Driven Decision Making Seminars

Set your sights on a brighter future. Expand your know-how and gain a practical understanding of how to leverage our market-leading solutions to make better decisions rooted in data with Data Driven Decision Making seminars.

Build on our recent report From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making with a practical and structured on demand learning experience. Each seminar in our Data Driven Decision Making series is designed to supplement our recent report and help people in procurement, finance and supply chain to:

  • unlock the value of reliable, real-time data insights in the decision-making process
  • impact your entire supply chain operations
  • learn from customer experiences

Joined by Transporeon experts and customers, host Adrian Gonzalez, Founder of Talking Logistics, brings his rich experience and insight on why now is the time to ditch gut feelings and unlock new value in transportation management.


Data Driven Decision Making: Real Time Market Intelligence with Cargill

The importance of having real-time transportation market intelligence

Designed for people in procurement, finance and supply chain – log in and learn:

  • What is data driven decision making – and why is it important?
  • How companies can use market intelligence to improve their transportation operations
  • How Cargill uses real-time transportation market intelligence in their operations, and how their customers are generating new business value from real-time transportation market intelligence

Hosted by Adrian Gonzalez, Founder of Talking Logistics, this seminar also features:

  • Rob Moen, Truck Lead at Cargill Procurement & Transportation
  • Mark Schueller, Business Development Manager, Market Intelligence, Procurement Excellence & Consulting, Transporeon

Data Driven Decision Making: Autonomous Procurement with Nestle

Transforming the Status Quo: The Benefits of Autonomous Procurement 

Get a clear comparison of AI-powered technology versus traditional approaches to procurement, plus:

  • What are the primary influencers driving the need to innovate transportation procurement? 

  • How Nestle is using Autonomous Procurement and what outcomes have been achieved so far 

  • How to – and why you should – develop a compelling business case for Autonomous Procurement 

Hosted by Adrian Gonzalez, Founder of Talking Logistics, this seminar also features: 

  • Vicent Versee, Supply Chain Consultant at Nestle

  • Jonah McIntire, Director of Procurement Products at Transporeon  


Data Driven Decision Making: Freight Audit

Freight Audit: A Source of Transportation BI & Analytics

Where do you sit on the scale when it comes to using freight audit data in key-decision making? Plot your position with evidence shared by the experts:

  • If and how the value proposition for freight audit companies has evolved in the last decade
  • How Freight Audit by Transporeon converts data into actionable intelligence
  • A closer look at how Freight Audit delivers value to the wider business, beyond transportation

Hosted by Adrian Gonzalez, Founder of Talking Logistics, this seminar also features:

  • Dirk Grewenig, Global Account Director at Transporeon
  • Stefanie Bergfeld, Director, Audit and Settlement Tribe at Transporeon

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How to unlock new value in transportation management?

From Gut Feelings to Data-Driven Decision Making

Researched and authored by Adrian Gonzalez, Founder of Talking Logistics, the report shares stark comparisons, best practice use cases and expert commentary. Organizations at every level of the data maturity scale can use this report to identify where and how they can leverage data to transform their decision-making capabilities.

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