Mercareon Time Slot Management for Retail

Plan and control the delivery of goods simply and effectively with Mercareon

Whether retail, wholesale or e-commerce, Mercareon Time Slot Management for Retail has been specially developed for deliveries to central warehouses, distribution centres or cash & carry depots. Retailers can plan and control deliveries more effectively and better utilise capacities at the loading bays. Carriers book suitable delivery appointments themselves online, directly on the Mercareon platform, cutting downtimes and processing times and reducing empty trips. Standardised and optimised processes save a lot of time for everyone and reduce process costs.

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Advantages of Mercareon Time Slot Management for Retail

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Higher productivity at the good-in

Better planning of vehicle arrivals and smoothing out of peak times increases unloading capacity by more than 20%.

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Shorter waiting times

Vehicle arrivals at the loading docks are orderly and balanced throughout the day. Delays are communicated through the system automatically, so they’re managed better. Waiting times are reduced by 20-40% on average.

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Optimised processing times

Knowing exactly when each delivery will arrive allows you to better plan receiving staff. Vehicles are unloaded more quickly and can get back on the road faster.

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Reliable delivery planning

Allows for optimal control of the flow of goods and faster on-shelf availability.

Mercareon Time Slot Management for optimal inbound flows in wholesale,retail and e-commerce

Interfaces to third-party systems / order number imports

Standard and custom interfaces to databases as well as in-house systems and hardware at the storage site. Order numbers and details from your database / ERP system can be imported.

Dynamic time slot calculation and varying time slot lengths

The time slot length is automatically calculated in the booking based on information such as number of pallets, goods or product category, and can be adapted to your needs.

Internet-based unloading appointment planning with capacity comparison

Control of time slot bookings according to the logistics requirements of the storage site, such as vehicle type, cold chain, assortment, product group or article.

Generation of booking documents

Shipping documents for the driver, including route directions, security instructions, required forms and QR or barcode as access control. Booking data can also be sent directly to the driver’s mobile phone.

“Traffic light” delivery status visualisation

On the day of delivery, the current status of the Mercareon time slot (e.g. vehicle arrival, unloading, departure) is visualised and documented within the software using a red-yellow-green traffic light system.

Reserving, splitting and combining of orders

Time slots can be blocked for carriers, suppliers or supplier groups. It is also possible to combine different orders into one time slot booking or divide large orders into several time slots. Consolidated cargo deliveries can be specially managed.


Time Slot Management for Retail

More efficient warehouse processes and better on-shelf availability

This partnership will allow us to improve the efficiency and productivity of our distribution network. Providing clear, exact and reliable information will ensure that our products reach our stores and customers in the most efficient way.”

John Steventon

Head of Primary Distribution UK at Tesco PLC.

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We know exactly what’s happening on our loading docks... We now have excellent wait times of markedly below 20 minutes at two storage sites.”

Thomas Kerkenhoff

Director of IT/Logistics, Edeka Handelsgesellschaft Rhein-Ruhr

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