The Road to Net Zero

Strategies, concepts and best practices for Supply Chain Sustainability

The European Union has set a goal to be climate neutral by 2050. Today, road freight accounts for 20% of all CO2 emissions from transport in Europe, and is still growing. 

This in-depth report is the result of expert interviews with supply chain leaders who share their outlook on how we can meet the EU’s 2050 goal as well as focus on immediate steps for today and tomorrow. 

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Expert interviews with global supply chain leaders

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An in-depth look at the Road Freight Zero initiative

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Short-term and long-term strategies for decarbonization

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Case studies with Procter & Gamble and Electrolux

As representatives of this industry, we have a responsibility to work together to develop and apply new approaches and technologies to get as close as possible to the EU’s emission reduction targets.”

— Professor Alan McKinnon,
Kühne Logistics University

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Having a price on carbon is going to be a vital factor in meeting sustainability targets. In fact, a sample of over 800 small and medium-sized EU road carriers surveyed by Transporeon, KLU, and SFC identified cost saving potential as the most important driver of decarbonization investments. 

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About the Author

A graduate of the universities of Aberdeen (MA), British Columbia (MA) and London (PhD), Professor Alan McKinnon has pursued an academic career since October 1979 specialising in transport and logistics. Between 1987 and 2012 he was based at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh where he established a research centre specializing in logistics and a master’s program in logistics and supply chain management. In 2012 he moved to Hamburg to become Head of Logistics and Dean of Programs in the Kühne Logistics University.

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Written by Professor Alan McKinnon of Kuehne Logistics University, this report summarizes the perspectives of:


Digitalization is going to have a massive role to play in decarbonization potential. Even just in the sense of real-time data it's a game-changer.” 



It's hard to imagine how you can significantly cut emissions from one year to the next. From one decade to the next. But it always starts with planning and strategy.” 



This is the way I talk to my people, this is what we need to eliminate: Empty space, empty miles and moving to intermodality as fast as humanly possible.”


Together for Net Zero

We are all in this together. Shippers, Carriers, Retailers and more have to come together to reduce our carbon footprint and help achieve a more sustainable future. We are proud to support the Trillion Tree Campaign with the help of the Plant for the Planet Foundation.

Every time this report is downloaded, we will fund the planting of a new tree with the goal of restoring local forests, creating green jobs, generating attention for biodiversity, and lowering carbon emissions.

You can help, just by downloading! Learn more about this project. 

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Expert Insights & Industry Leader Talks

Get even more insights into Supply Chain Sustainability with the experts behind this report. Watch our series of Industry Leader Talks on demand to learn more.

Financing Change with Road Freight Zero

Transforming an entire economy is an ambitious — and expensive — undertaking. But the cost of doing nothing is much greater. 

Speaker: Angie Farrag-Thibault, Project Lead, Clean Trucking, World Economic Forum

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From Intermodality to Synchromodality

Procter & Gamble is finding creative ways to make logistics more sustainable, from product design to collaborative partnerships.

Speaker: Pietro d’Arpa, Vice President Supply Chain - Europe Logistics & End to End Strategic Planning , Procter & Gamble

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