Decarbonization for European Road Carriers

Deep dive into how Carriers — and all stakeholders — can create a zero-emission future

Our new report — written by Smart Freight Centre and Kühne Logistics University with original data from Transporeon — provides a unique insight into the SME carrier market. We surveyed over 800 carriers from across Europe to better understand their challenges and offer strategic solutions. 

Excerpt from the report

For a successful shift towards decarbonization, it will be crucial for all players in this sector to be sincere about their commitment, to collaborate, and to overcome old business practices and prejudices to move forward into a zero-emission future.”


of European carriers are unable to measure their CO2 emissions.

Today, the road freight transport market accounts for roughly 19% of European transport-related CO2 emissions. 

However, 43% of European carriers are unable to measure their CO2 emissions, and 60% of small carriers believe that environmental efforts yield little or no commercial benefit.  

How can we move toward a more sustainable supply chain when so many carriers lack the ability to accurately measure or adjust their environmental impact? 

Excerpt from the report

Governments, vehicle and engine manufacturers (OEMs), and the buyers of freight can help SME carriers overcome the barriers currently preventing them from giving emission reduction the attention it deserves.”

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