Transporeon launches a raft of latest platform innovations

  • Transport Operations, simplifying multi-leg and multi-mode transportation
  • Digital Transport Documents, introducing the eCMR solution that enables paperless collaboration between parties
  • Carbon Visibility, now with new methodologies of calculation based on primary fuel consumption data, even more accurate carbon emissions calculations

Ulm, 28 March 2023 – Leading Transportation Management Platform Transporeon today announced a raft of platform innovations. Fully integrated into its neutral platform that serves the entire industry, the new capabilities will help its network of +1,400 shippers and +158,000 carriers and logistic service providers to enhance adaptability, collaboration and sustainability, enabling them to thrive in today’s world in motion.

Stephan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon, said: “We’re thrilled to launch these latest platform innovations. Our focus has always been on delivering cutting-edge, comprehensive solutions for the industry. Solutions that don’t just solve challenges within companies, but more importantly between companies and across the entire sector. This is a testament to that commitment.”

Transport Operations

Aimed at companies with a diverse shipping profile, Transport Operations enables teams to easily combine legs and modes across FTL, LTL, FCL and LCL, while maintaining end-to-end control. Natively integrated with the company’s Visibility Hub, the result is full transparency that’s embedded into logistics teams’ daily operations, instead of being siloed away.

Crucially, Transport Operations also offers shippers a self-service shipment routing guide with preferential cascading ranks to fully automate the transport assignment process. This significantly simplifies the complex process of moving freight globally.

Nick Poels, leading the Transport Execution Tribe at Transporeon, added: “Transport Operations is a gamechanger for logistics teams, empowering them to move, manage and monitor multi-mode and multi-leg freight globally. This elevates their role from data clerks to transportation operators, giving companies a holistic view of current and future priorities and enabling them to transition from reactive firefighting to proactive productivity.”

Digital Transport Documents

Digital Transport Documents is Transporeon's solution that provides advanced digital signatures at scale. It unlocks time and cost savings by digitalising clunky manual processes and providing a comprehensive audit trail.

Crucially, the launch of Digital Transport Documents anticipates 2026 EU regulation, which will make electronic consignment notes (eCMR) mandatory for all road transportation of goods. It’s designed for companies that need to ensure watertight regulatory compliance, but also want to harness the wider benefits of electronic transport documents – with capabilities that go far beyond a standalone eCMR solution.

Gerry Daalhuisen, leading the Dock Scheduling and Yard Management Tribe at Transporeon, explains: “The future of transportation is paperless. This is so much more than just sending a document in PDF by email. Instead, the document acts as an enabler to connect parties digitally and share information in real time. Advanced digital signatures haven’t been widely adopted yet, largely because of the ongoing disconnect between companies. Hosted on Transporeon’s platform – with the backing of the largest network of shippers, carriers, forwarders and retailers – Digital Transport Documents has the scale needed to finally take this technology mainstream, increasing the number of parties that will be working truly paperless.”

Carbon Visibility

Since July 2022, Carbon Visibility has pioneered environmental impact measurement in logistics and transportation. It enables users to precisely measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions using primary data and is fully accredited and compliant with the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework.

Released today, updates to Carbon Visibility will also enable fleet operators – who previously did not have access – to share transport and telematics data and use the accredited reporting tool for no additional cost. What’s more, Transporeon is adding new methodologies of calculation to the solution, based on primary fuel consumption data.

Jakob Muus, leading the Sustainability Tribe at Transporeon, explained: “New updates to Carbon Visibility are crucial to enhancing the sustainability of the transportation and logistics sectors. For fleet operators, being able to report fuel consumption using trusted, primary data is essential to helping them decarbonise and win the long-term support of customers. This forms the foundation for future Transporeon innovations, which will enable users to manage and lower emissions. Watch this space!”

Transporeon Next

The above innovations will be unveiled at Transporeon NEXT, the company’s new flagship online event (28-30 March 2023). Register here to see the agenda and join the event.

About Transporeon 

At Transporeon, our mission is to bring transportation in sync with the world. We power the largest global freight network of +1,300 industrial shippers, +100 large retailers and +158,000 carriers and logistics service providers. They execute 225,000 transactions per day on our platform and process around €55bn in freight spend per year.  

Our leading Transportation Management Platform connects all actors along the supply chain. It facilitates collaboration between the different parties, helps to automate manual processes and provides valuable real-time insights. The modular Application Hubs solve specific logistics challenges and range from freight sourcing over transport execution and dock and yard management to freight audit and payment. Data hubs provide insights into logistics operations, market developments and carbon emissions, next to ensuring transparency in the supply chain through visibility. Our platform works across all geographies and all modes of transportation, empowering logistics teams to move, manage and monitor freight.  

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