Transporeon announces new partnership with Roambee

SANTA CLARA, CA and ULM, GERMANY, 13 October 2021  A sensor-driven supply chain visibility leader, Roambee, and the leading digital freight platform Transporeon announced their partnership to bring the best of both worlds in real-time transport visibility: carrier telematics visibility through Sixfold and high-fidelity, real-time multimodal shipment visibility and intelligence via Roambee’s platform

“Roambee and Transporeon joining forces denotes unified access to two major and unique global supply chain visibility platforms for customers across industries. Roambee’s sensor-driven visibility will enrich Sixfold’s telematics data with multimodal location accuracy and offer condition visibility, so customers can more actionably address supply chain risk around spoilage, damage, theft, missed connections, and more,” said Sanjay Sharma, CEO, Roambee. “The partnership’s substantial joint data set results in end-to-end, item-level visibility, globally, with 100% coverage of lanes and shipments regardless of the transporter or load size.” 

Transporeon currently tracks approximately 20 million transports annually. Fast-moving goods such as food or electronics, slow-moving consumer goods including white ware/consumer durables, automotive, chemicals, and big logistics organizations are some of the industries that seek both telematics and sensor-driven visibility. Customers of all sizes across industries and across all modes of transportation (air, ocean, rail, road, and parcel) can now determine the level of visibility they need for specific shipments, then access it via one portal that integrates both companies’ capabilities.

“Whether a customer wants to track sensitive parcels from India to the U.S. or commodities going through Russia, this partnership can enable them to profit from the insights provided by one joint solution,” said Stephan Sieber, CEO Transporeon. “Our goal is to strengthen the native visibility network that is represented by Sixfold. We are developing solutions to the world’s top supply chain challenges by seeking out the strongest, most aligned partners possible. No single company delivers the best of both worlds - but this partnership does.” 

About Roambee 

Roambee offers verifiably better supply chain visibility on demand, for on-time, in-full, in-condition delivery of shipments and assets anywhere in the world. 300+ enterprises are improving customer experience, service levels, product quality, cash cycles, business efficiencies, sustainability, and automating logistics with Roambee’s real-time insights & foresights. More than 50 of them are among the top 100 global companies in the Pharma, Food, Electronics, Chemicals, Automotive, Packaging & Containers, and Logistics sectors. Roambee’s innovative AI-powered platform, and end-to-end monitoring solutions, deliver curated and highly accurate supply chain signals built on item-level, firsthand IoT sensor data and non-sensor inputs. The outcome is better multimodal ETAs, OTIF deliveries, 80%+ cold chain compliance, and more, including 4X+ ROI on supply chain assets by optimizing utilization and inventory levels. Gartner identifies Roambee as one of the 9 global supply chain technology companies in “2021 Gartner Tracking and Monitoring Business Process Context: Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transposition Visibility Platforms”. Visit www.roambee.com.  

About Transporeon

At Transporeon, our goal is to bring transportation in sync with the world. Our cloud-based transportation sourcing and management platform powers the most experienced network of shippers, suppliers, retailers, goods recipients, and carriers in the world. Founded in 2000, we help our 1,300+ active global shippers and our 120,000+ carriers transport goods more efficiently and sustainably than ever before. Our team is made up of more than 1000 highly skilled, committed, and creative professionals, sitting in one of our eight office locations. Together we speak 25 different languages, helping us serve our global customers and partners and manage our 20 million annual global transports. In addition to our core Transporeon Execution Solutions, procurement, and market intelligence solutions, we also offer Real-Time Visibility with Sixfold and payment services with ControlPay. By combining this deep industry knowledge with technical expertise, we can provide a holistic approach to transport management. This leads to greater transparency, increased efficiency, and improved sustainability — helping us truly become a driving force for good and bringing transportation in sync with the world.

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