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Smart supply chain and transport planning
The best integrated SaaS-solution for simultaneous loadspace optimisation, tariff and route selection.

Cut transport costs, CO2 emissions and planning time with MasterScheduler by s2 data & algorithms

Using advanced transport planning algorithms, MasterScheduler enables network efficiency and transparency, creating both cost and CO2 savings.

Our unique cloud-based solution combines route, load inventory and production planning to optimise your outbound and inbound logistics. Once your current planning data has been simulated down to the last 3D truck loading detail, you’ll get an AI-generated plan based on and optimised for your demands. The best integrated SaaS-solution for simultaneous loadspace optimisation, tariff and route selection. This holistic SaaS solution yields significant improvements.

Together with Transporeon​,​ we​ provide a new way to optimise and automate transport within one connected end-to-end platform. Our holistic solution ​​enables ​carriers and shippers to ​achieve greater efficiency across modern supply chains.

Dr. Stefan Kremaner, CEO, 

s2 data & algorithms

Benefits for your business

With mathematical expertise and smart algorithms​,​ MasterScheduler​ is​ helping T​ransporeon deliver​​​ greater​ transport efficiency and sustainability for carriers and shippers.​ 

It is our mission to optimise material flows, transports and resources within a complex transport network, using a total cost  of  ownership approach. Our holistic solution will transform any supply chain into a value chain, with perfectly packed transports, cost-efficient tariff selection, optimal load consolidation and full transparency along the whole supply chain. Plus, use our analytics tool to achieve a material level understanding of your logistics.

For this purpose, flexible algorithms have been developed to enable optimal tariff and route selection for multi-stop deliveries and pick-ups, splitting and consolidating loads, and full 3D load planning. Planners interact with these algorithms using a highly intuitive user interface, which supports strategic, operational and tactical planning across the whole supply chain or network.

MasterScheduler picks the most efficient route or transport tariff, improves the average loaded space, and plans perfect FTL, multi-stop/milk run, LTL, FCL and groupage tours, with docks and warehouses across the whole transport network.

We match inbounds and outbounds to improve your distribution logistics, optimise sea freight and road transports, and consider every relevant factor to make the plans operationally feasible. With this level of detail, we offer a new level of optimised transport planning – generating unmatched savings.  


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