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The Greening Freight Package and how to deal with it

Are you ready for the Greening Freight Package? 

On July 11, 2023, the Greening Freight Transport Package (GFP) was launched by the European Commission. This highly anticipated initiative will drive major shifts in the logistics industry, with the aim to reduce road transport emissions significantly.

Tune into this webinar to expand your understanding of the GFP and its implications. Featuring a factual introduction to the package followed by immediate reactions from industry experts and Transporeon customers, this session provides the answers we’re all clamouring for.

Watch and rewatch our product deep dives on emissions calculation and optimisation of fleet operations and get practical about proactive compliance with each chapter of the GFP directive.

Wrap up feeling ready to harness the potential of this technology in the context of the Green Deal.

Featured Industry Speakers

The Greening Freight Transport Package and how to deal with it

Explore the Greening Freight Package in full with the help of European Commission representatives, Transporeon users and other influential voices.




Serge Schamschula, Head of Ecosystem, Transporeon


What is the Greening Freight Package? 

Make sure you’re fully up to date on the implications of the Greening Freight Transport Package as Annika Kroon, Directorate for Mobility and Transport at the European Commission presents a factual introduction to the European Commission’s long-awaited package and how it seeks to significantly reduce road transport emissions. 

Annika Kroon, Head of Unit Maritime Transport and Logistics, DG Move


React and reflect: an expert panel session 

In this panel session, guest speakers and Transporeon customers share their immediate reflections and engage in a discussion on Annika’s explanation of the Greening Freight Transport Package. Moderated by Serge Schamschula, Head of Ecosystem, Transporeon. 

Fabio Ciani, Transportation Procurement Sustainability Lead, Nestlé 
Stev Etzrod, CSO/COO & CEO International companies, Spedition Bode 
Mindaugas Pasilauskas, CEO, Girteka Europe West 
Kathrin Schuller, Program Manager, Smart Freight Centre 
Ralf-Charley Schultze, President, UIRR 
Krzysztof Szmidt, EMEA Regional Transportation and Global Water Mode Lead, Cargill

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Deep Dive sessions

Recap this live pitching event focused on matching chapters chapters I and II of the Greening Freight Package to our market-leading digital transport solutions.



Nexogen Green Fleet Operations

We’re guiding the spotlight towards the Adopted Weight and Dimensions Directive in which battery electric heavy goods vehicles are allowed +4tons and +90cm length to compensate for battery weight and dimensions – Chapter II of the GFP. Find out how Nexogen Fleet Operator and Fleet Planner enables your business to meet the requirements of this directive.

Barna Erdélyi, Member of the Board of Directors, Waberer's International
Frank Verhoeven, CEO, Vos Logistics
Walter Kusters, Head of Business Development Nexogen, Transporeon


Greening your emissions

In the second pitch, we look closely at CountEmissions EU: Chapter I of the Greening Freight Package. This sub-section of the package is the European standard for emission calculation from transport based on ISO 14083 and aims to incentivise calculations based on primary data (energy/fuel consumption and type).

Learn how Transporeon Carbon Visibility can help in measuring, reporting, and improving your carbon emissions in the most efficient and transparent way for all transport modes.

Henrik Dalby, Product Manager Team Lead, Transporeon
Igor Nikolaev, Technology Lead, Transporeon

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Annika Kroon

Head of Unit Maritime Transport and Logistics,
DG Move

Barna Erdélyi

Member of the Board of Directors, 
Waberer's International

Fabio Ciani

Transportation Procurement Sustainability Lead,

Frank Verhoeven

Vos Logistics

Henrik Dalby

Product Manager Team Lead, Transporeon

Igor Nikolaev

Technology Lead,

Kathrin Schuller

Program Manager,
Smart Freight Centre 

Krzysztof Szmidt

EMEA Regional Transportation and Global Water Mode Lead

Mindaugas Pasilauskas

Girteka Europe West 

Ralf-Charley Schultze


Serge Schamschula

Head of Ecosystem,

Stev Etzrod

CSO/COO & CEO International companies, 
Spedition Bode

Walter Kusters

Head of Business Development Nexogen,

Carbon Intelligence Mastermind

About the Community

The Carbon Intelligence Mastermind is a community of sustainability experts and trendsetters heading towards greener freight transportation. We share ideas and actionable strategies that help companies measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprint in the most efficient and transparent way across the entire supply chain through various sustainability resources and events such as community meetups.

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