Ocean Market Q3 2022 – Beyond the Rate Peak 

Take away top notch strategic insights from a potent mix of industry speakers and Transporeon experts with our Market Intelligence Ocean Market Q3 2022 webinar. What themes set the trends throughout Q3 2022? Find out which influencing factors the container shipping industry must pay attention to right now, and in the coming months.

  • Discover expert perspectives on how consumer demand, port bottlenecks and Covid continue to impact container shipping 

  • Understand how current events are impacting spot and contract rate levels 

  • Find out how to increase operational visibility on ocean transports with Transporeon 

  • Get analytics, industry benchmarks and market rates for Ocean Market  

  • Keep pace with upcoming strategic topics 

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Market Intelligence as key advantage in a volatile market

Curious about the state of play for container shipping right now? Let’s get practical about the benefits of reliable real-time market intelligence data when the outlook for ocean market remains rocky.

Christian Krull, Head of Sales – Market Intelligence, Procurement Excellence & Consulting, Transporeon

Status of the Ocean Market - recent developments

In times when major influencing factors like port bottlenecks and lingering Covid disruption may be pushing you overboard – market intelligence and accurate, actionable data might just be the only thing that’s got your back.

Clemens Schapeler, Head of Ocean Market Intelligence, Transporeon

Ocean Rates Spot & Contract

Container shipping continues to feel the impact of rough conditions – so what does it all mean for ocean rates? Join in to find out whether spot and contract are likely to align, and tool up your procurement strategy for the coming months.  

Judah Levine, Head of Research, Freightos Group

Service and Schedule Reliability Q2 and Q3 

Despite the high seasonal temperatures, things are set to remain rather stormy for the ocean market this quarter. Can we find calm amid troubled waters? Let’s find out.

Vanessa Scherer, Consultant Ocean Market Intelligence, Transporeon 

Real-time Ocean Visibility by Transporeon

It’s no secret that the ocean market has had plenty to contend with so far this year. But in the eye of a storm, accurate market intelligence insights can help turn even the roughest of crossings into a lucrative decision. Find out how to optimize your freight management strategy with fresh insight into Real-time Ocean Visibility.

Steffen Treffer, RTV Sales Specialist, Transporeon 

Outlook & Upcoming Events

Looking ahead plays a critical part in any successful freight management and procurement strategy. Take away the latest findings and predictions to gain control and minimize potential operational disruption as we prepare for what’s next. 

Christian Krull, Head of Sales, Market Intelligence, Procurement Excellence & Consulting, Transporeon 


Christian Krull

Head of Sales Market Intel, Procurement Excellence & Consulting, Transporeon

Clemens Schapeler

Head of Ocean Market Intelligence, Transporeon

Judah Levine

Head of Research, Freightos Group

Vanessa Scherer

Consultant Ocean Market Intelligence,

Steffen Treffer

RTV Sales Specialist,


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Strategic Benchmarking
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Supply Chain Advisory
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Freight Audit
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