Leveraging telematics aggregation and sensor-driven visibility

Tune in for the second part two in the Roambee x Transporeon event series about how telematics aggregation and sensor-driven visibility can help support supply chain visibility. Learn about the application of these solutions individually, and how they can be combined for even better results. 

Driven by real-world case studies, this webinar covers:

  • Which industries and use cases are most suitable for these solutions

  • How to get the most out of your visibility solutions

  • The pros and cons of using telematics aggregation and sensor-driven visibility together

  • How to get started with one or both of these solutions

What is telematics aggregation?

Telematics combines the large quantities of data generated by telematics devices, providing high resolution real-time visibility for shippers and carriers.

What is sensor-driven visibility?

Sensor-driven visibility happens when IoT sensors are embedded or attached to shipments or assets that are connected in real-time to the cloud, transmitting data including location, condition and statuses of the shipments or assets anywhere in the world. Better data leads to actionable insights and better decision-making capabilities.


Jesper Bennike

Chief Product Officer, 

Scott Mears

Global Field Marketing Manager, Roambee

Vidya Subramanian

Vice President – Emerging Technologies, Roambee

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