Freight decarbonisation and the golden ticket theory 

Many companies have started tracking CO2 emissions (scope 1 and 3) in their freight transport operations. Now though, they are faced with the challenge of preparing for what’s next and how to use this data for setting target reduction goals on their journey towards net-zero transportation.  

Tune into this special Logistics Sustainability Month Masterclass in which industry experts discuss questions like:  

  • What can we expect from the electrification of fleets and when can we expect them?  
  • What else needs to be considered to reach net zero? 
  • How can we use CO2 accounting to reduce our emissions?  

And much more.


Jakob Muus

Director Sustainability Tribe,

Pieter Leonard

Chair of Efficient and
low emission assets and energy

David Cebon

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
at the University of Cambridge

Thomas Fabian

Director Commercial Vehicles
at the European Automobile Manufactures’ Association (ACEA)

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Carbon Intelligence Mastermind

Keeping sustainability at the center of your logistics agenda

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