RTV then and now: finding applications for end-to-end transport visibility

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Having reliable access to real-time information is essential for shippers, carriers, and LSPs — but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. It’s only when that data is fully integrated into a transport management platform that it becomes actionable. 

When used in combination with time slot management, yard management, and dock scheduling, RTV can provide end-to-end visibility for complex transports across all modalities. Taken at scale — tracking live routes against primary data like vehicle class — this level of instantly-actionable insight can help logistics planners reduce carbon emissions, automating scope 3 emissions reporting.

In this intimate fireside chat, our panel of expert speakers explored: 

  • How RTV has evolved from a singular to a multimodal solution

  • The benefits of multimodal visibility when enriched with execution

  • How RTV can enable carbon visibility


Eric Johnson

Senior Technology Editor, JOC.com

Sara Udvari

Global Category Manager Logistics,
IKEA Supply AG

Benedikt Hitzler

Sustainable Business Development Manager, Transporeon

Nick Poels

Tribe Lead Transport Execution,

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