Anti-Greenwashing Masterclass

Sustainability as a theme was set aside as the Covid-19 pandemic burst onto the scene in 2020. Carriers and 3PLs alike cashed in during what we can only qualify as the gold rush. As their new-found wealth was spent on expanding geographical footprints and extending functionality reach, sustainability seemed an afterthought. Most recently a big name in Logtech raised nearly $100m on the back of sustainability, yet they aren't even GLEC accredited.

This time, Director of Transporeon's Sustainability Tribe, Jakob Muus and Anthony Miller, Independent Logistics Marketing Consultant talked about anti-greenwashing in transportation and logistics. Watch the recording and learn how to make informed decisions and implement green initiatives to avoid misleading environmental claims and foster a truly sustainable supply chain.

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Anthony Miller

Independent Logistics Marketing Consultant

Jakob Muus

Tribe Lead Sustainability,

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