How Pfeifer is putting logistics efficiency at the root of their business

Passion for Timber

When a company’s slogan is, Passion for Timber, you know they are serious about working with wood.

Pfeifer is the leading timber processing company in Central Europe, but its customer values today remain as strong as those established by its founder Barbara Pfeifer, in 1948.

Transportation plays a vital role in meeting customer demands and expectations, ensuring delivery deadlines are met with pinpoint accuracy.

We don’t just maintain partnerships in purchasing and with our customers. Logistics and transport are also an important link, ensuring our products reach the customer at the right time. I believe that partnerships and networking will become even more important in the future, especially in the transport business, and also with all our forwarders.

Michael Pfeifer,
CEO Pfeifer Group


Managing costly, time-critical deliveries

In an increasingly competitive environment, Pfeifer needed to find ways to reduce its costs, improve efficiency, and manage time-critical deliveries.

In order to achieve this, Pfeifer needed to centralise and digitalise its transport scheduling unit. This would enable its logistics team to better organise the loading processes, thereby reducing traffic jam issues and costly waiting times.


Seamless communication across the supply chain

Since 2009, Pfeifer has been digitising its logistics processes with the help of the Transporeon Platform. Currently, 8 of its 13 plants across Europe use our Transport Execution Hub and are benefiting from products such as No-Touch Order, Best Carrier, Rate Management, Attachment Service, and the Dock and Yard Management Hub.

The platform is perfectly embedded in Pfeifer’s IT landscape and communication between the systems is seamless, thanks to Transporeon Add-on Hybrid for SAP S/4HANA.

Recently, Pfeifer also adopted a Data Hub solution with Market Insights to achieve transparency and knowledge into its logistics operations.


Making transport and logistics more efficient

Thanks to the Transport Execution Hub, Pfeifer has adopted a mix of contract and spot assignments to fulfil its transportation needs, reduce empty miles and increase FTLs. In addition, the Dock and Yard Management Hub has ensured an even distribution of truck arrivals, with 50% arriving on time. Truck processing time has also been reduced by up to 30 minutes per vhicle.


Discover your missing ingredient

Transport Execution Hub

Transport Assignment

Transport Assignment
  • Plan for your most stable lanes.
  • Take adventage of spot prices.
  • Maximize your freight strategy.
  • Handle exceptions efficiently.

Insights Hub

Network Insights

Network Insights
  • Set standards that support your partners’ businesses.
  • Benchmark against the wider market.
  • Escape the hassle of setting up reports manually.
  • Get standardized and relevant insights.
  • Track your performance and optimize your operations.


Dock & Yard Management Hub

Time Slot Management

Time Slot Management
  • Full transparency of delivery and pick-up times for all parties 
  • Efficient use of resources due to the even and predictable distribution of loadings and unloadings
  • Reduction of waiting times for trucks by up to 40%
  • Audit-proof and legal compliance through fully documented processes
  • Quick response and operational optimization through fast communication and real-time data

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