Barilla Group achieves 99% carrier allocation success

Barilla Group swapped high-risk manual tasks for Rate Management. Find out how this family-run food company saves time, minimises risk and reports outstanding results for transport allocation. 

Early adoption reaps rewards for family-favourite Italian food manufacturer

When Barilla Group discovered it could be one of the first Transporeon customers to implement Rate Management, the team simply couldn’t say no.

Tedious and high-risk manual transport allocation was costing this household favourite far too much. Find out how we changed the outlook for Barilla with this transformative tech. 

We spent a lot of time allocating each carrier to the right route, checking their location, ensuring the maximum quota per day was correct, which locations and paths were served by which carrier, whether the type of transport was correct, and if the lead time that every carrier can guarantee is the right one for our order. Phew – what a waste of time!

Davide Busato, Project Manager for Logistic Competence Centre at Barilla

Why Rate Management? 

When you’re working with a diverse set of carriers and roads to maximise market potential, planners’ lives are simplified with a tool like Rate Management. Using different logic to allocate each transport to the right carrier is time consuming and the chances of making a mistake are high. Cutting the time it takes to communicate with carriers and reducing the risk of error are solved simultaneously with Rate Management.  

The solution

Since completing implementation, Barilla achieves 99% carrier allocation success, and its people are freed up to focus on higher-value analytical tasks instead.  

Whether it's opening a jar of pasta sauce for an easy dinner or locating carriers for tomorrow’s transports, saving time always feels great. 

Davide Busato, Project Manager for Logistic Competence Centre at Barilla, tells the full story in under four minutes – watch and listen now.  


  • Barilla Group first started using Transporeon in 2014.  
  • Each year the brand ships more than 150,000 FTL to more than 100 countries in all continents 
  • Barilla has more than 50 active carriers in its transportation network 
  • Challenging lead times and guaranteeing excellent customer service is part of the day to day at this family-run food company 

Facts and Figures

countries served
accuracy in transport allocation


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